Chloe-quoteLet's talk jewelry for a minute. I am in love with Chloe and Isabel Jewelry! Serious love. And I am not just saying this because I sell the stuff. I sell this stuff because of my belief in the company and my love for their jewelry. I am actually wearing a Chloe and Isabel necklace and bracelet as I write this! (Pearl + Crystal Drops Long Necklace and Organic Link Toggle Bracelet) Every single item is such high quality and so very durable. I wore many of my bracelets back when I was waiting tables. So they went through so much! so many hand washing and hot plates and even a few house through washing dishes in the industrial "dish pit," not to mention how many times they would get yanked around from being snagged in between trays and tray jacks. And I still wear every one of those items today. Needless to say they've been through a lot and still look brand new! Besides every item comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee! So if at any point something did happen to one I could get them replaced in no time! Such a great company! Plus they give me the freedom to run my own business and help ladies find the perfect items for them! I love helping women style their outfits to get exactly what they want for the look they are going for! And there are so many items that there is a prefect piece for every style and every look!  

With all that being said this is also our amazing Semi-Annual Sale! Now is the time to revamp your jewelry box for 2016! So Shop Now while supplies last!