10 Reasons Getting Married Young is the Best: Collectively Caitlin www.collectivelycaitlin.comI was 20 years old on my wedding day. The hubs was 21. He had graduated college the weekend before and I still had one semester left before graduating. This sounds like an insane decision to soooo many people. I heard everyone's concerns. I get it. It's not the norm to get married before graduating. And it's not for everyone. I get that. I'm not gonna try to tell you that you should get married at 20 or that you should have gotten married at 20. But there are some major perks to getting married so young! So let me share!

  1. When you get married so young you get so many more "firsts" together than other couples. Our first apartment as a married couple was the hubs first apartment. First big move away from family is together. First "grown up purchases" are together! Such as our first real couch! (Yay no more futon!) There's just a lot of growing up firsts that you get to share!
  2. You get to do everything with your best friend! Like all the time! This probably is the same for like a live in boyfriend or girlfriend. But seriously like we go to work and then we're both home! We have a home together to take care of together! And he's here like every day! (Except when he has to travel for training and stuff.)
  3. Quitting the dating game! So like I get the appeal of dating around. I really do and if the hubs and I hadn't met I totally would have done more of that! But that game is also exhausting! There are no more anxiety filled first dates!!!
  4. Speaking of dates; pretty much every night is a date night. Weather one of us cooks dinner, or we order take out and binge watch Netflix together, or if we go on a "real date" it's still one on one time together.
  5. You get to know each other so much better when you're living together! This is one is also probably the same as moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend. But you really get to know a person when you're sharing a bathroom. You learn about habits that they have and even habits that you have that you didn't even know you had! (apparently I squeeze the toothpaste "wrong!" who knew!?!)
  6. We get to adventure together! So my hubs is in the military which means lots of moves and new places to explore. It's constantly a new adventure! I love it!
  7. There is always someone there to give you pity hugs, kisses, make you soup, and take care of you when you're sick. The hubs is actually sick now as I write this post and is laying on the couch beside me watching Star Wars. Poor thing. I made him soup. 
  8. You get to dream about your future together. Anyone who knows my hubs and I knows that there are no two more different people married anywhere. We have so little in common it's insane. But opposites attract, right? But these differences mean our dreams for our future are so big and diverse!
  9. There is support for our individual dreams! The hubs is supportive of my writing curriculum and blogging and whatever my next dream will be. hehe! I tend to change my mind on what I want to do, like a lot. And then there's my steadfast hubs with his always the same goals! (I told you we were totally different) I get to support that goal! For now that means moving around and playing the military wife role. And will probably one day mean accepting that we're gonna have a savings account to save for him to buy a plane. And he supports my endeavors in so many various ways as well! It's great! We get to help each other achieve our dreams!
  10. We get to grow up together. Technically we are both adults. But come on. We are recent college grad, newlyweds. We are totally still little babies in the eyes of the world. And that's totally okay with me! We get to learn and grow together! It's exciting! I mean even as a dating couple, I was 16 when we started dating, we grew and changed so much between the start of our dating relationship to our wedding day! And we get to keep doing that, forever! I love it!

So those are my 10 reasons I think getting married so young was the best thing ever! Obviously some of these apply to any marriage at any age. I am so glad we got married when we did! What do you think of getting married at 20?