Blog Goals for 2016: Collectively Caitlin

It’s the beginning of a brand new year! So it’s that time of year to start figuring out my blog goals. Well since I just started this blog this month there’s a lot of room to grow! I am excited to take this to the next level! So here are my blog goals for 2016.


Better my photography skills

Photos are just as important as writing in the blogging world. And I get it. I am way more interested in other bloggers posts that have pictures than those without. A good image that catches my eye will get them my page views and probably a follow. I think I’m aight with my photography. But I have soooo much room to grow. I also need to get better at making images easily shareable and catchy for social media.

Hit 50,000 views by the end of the year

That’s gonna mean needing to hit over 130 page views a day. Right now that seems almost unobtainable! But I think I can do it. In the short time this blog has been live I’ve already started to get some regular readers. So I think it can happen. I’m not giving up! Also: feel free to help a girl out and share any post you just love on social media to help me grow! ;)

Make $1,000 a month between my blog and jewelry income by the end of the year.

I honestly think I can do this. There is so much information out there about making money blogging. And I seriously love the jewelry I sell! (Click here to shop) That makes it so easy for me to sell because I wear it all the time. I think an income growth will come naturally as a work on growing my page views. I’ll check back in with you in December and let you know if I’ve made $1,000!

Finish writing my book

This isn't exactly dependent on my blog. But they're connected. I have started to write a book for young women that I want to have completed and maybe even published by December. At least completely written. Maybe in an e-book form by December. We’ll see. I am so excited about this project though!


So that’s it! I feel confident that 2016 is going to be an amazing year for Collectively Caitlin!


What are your 2016 goals? Do you think I can reach my goals this year?