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I have wanted to start a Military section on my blog for a while. And so when I was honored with the ability to write a post about it for She Is Joyful yesterday I knew I had to share it with you guys here! She Is Joyful is an amazing blog! You can see the original post by clicking here!


But I want to share it with my audience here too! So here we go! 7 weird things about being a military wife!

So I haven’t been a military wife for super long. And I’m only one PCS in. So I am by no means an expert in this. But as a newbie there are so many things I find strange. And this list will probably grow and I promise to come back and edit and share the new weirdness. Or maybe I’ll figure these things out and come back and share my new knowledge with you! But in the meantime, some things are just down right weird about being a military wife. So here you have it:

Seven weird things about being a military wife:

  1. You’re called and categorized with the title “military wife” instead of just wife. Or even just your name. It’s so weird. The only other wife I can think of that gets that kind of characterization is a pastor’s wife. Other wives are merely called wives. It’s so weird to me to be called a “military wife.” I married the hubs after all, not the military.

  2. No one wears gym clothes outside of working out on base. Go to any target or grocery store in America and there’s a woman in yoga pants somewhere in the store. This is never seen in the stores on base. It’s like some unspoken rule. Even before we were married when I was in college, my friend, who was an AF daughter, and I would go on base to get sushi we would change into jeans. I don’t get it. It’s just a thing apparently.

  3. Leaving the house without makeup is a thing of the past. Well. I still do. But I haven’t seen another military spouse do this. Run into another spouse in Target or Starbucks? Yeah they look good. All adorable and in makeup. Maybe this is just the base we’re at. And it’s not like I’ve been a military spouse forever. But still. Thus far I haven’t seen a military spouse bumming it.

  4. You’re called a dependent. Even if you make just as much money or more than your hubs. You’re still a dependent. Like what the heck?! My inner feminist will struggle with this term for the rest of his career.

  5. There are so many stereotypes about you. As if there’s some military spouse mold we’re supposed to fit?! This isn’t so much a stereotype among the military community as it is outsiders looking in. Like we’re all part of an Army Wives episode. It’s strange.

  6. We learn lingo that we don’t even remember learning. I am sure every wife learns some terms about her husband’s occupation. Every job has its lingo. But I feel like the military has excessive lingo and somehow we learn it. Even when some of them don’t make sense. Like TDY. TDY means Temporary Duty Station or Temporary Duty Assignment. What the heck is the Y for?!!?! Maybe this is just my ignorance as a newbie. If someone reading this knows what the Y is for please comment and I will fix this immediately. But in the meantime: I don’t get it. (Saying the Y is from Duty doesn’t make sense either. That’s not how acronyms work.)

  7. People think we’re all just popping out babies all the time. I mean I came from a large family and one day I want a large family too! But we’ve been married for 8 months. So let’s not rush things aight. The number of people that have asked me about our family planning when I’ve only just met them is boarding on horrific. I get it. They assume we’re starting a family. I get it. But we aren’t yet. And it’s not a stranger’s business. It’s weird that people think they can just ask that because we’re a young military couple. Weird.

So there you have it! These are the top seven things I find weird.

 Bonus weird: In my hubs work building they have this cool looking like giant bomb thing from some old plane. It’s pretty epic looking. But it has a sign in front of it that states that it is prohibited to remove the article from the premises without going through the proper paper work and process. Seriously. So apparently there may be a time in life where you’re in need of a giant bomb thing-a-ma-jig and you can just fill out some paper work and then head off with it. What the heck?!?!?


Alright! There you have it!

If you’re a military spouse do you agree? Or do you have other things you find weird? Even if you’re no military affiliated what do you think of this list? I’d love to hear your thoughts!