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Shadow Work and How To Stop It (guest post): Collectively Caitlin www.collectivelycaitlin.comToday I have got an awesome friend taking over the blog! I am so excited to share what Sheri has written! Sheri Little is a social worker, parent educator and mother of three. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 8 years and lives in North Carolina! Awesome Lady! She blogs here and you can find her on twitter @sheriklittle! So without further adieu: 



What is Shadow Work and How To Stop It (guest post): Collectively Caitlin www.collectivelycaitlin.com

I'm a millennial. I don't need a travel agent, I only need Google.


This may save me time, but is it an urgent desire (aka excited about going to the Italy) or is it important? If I was able to hand off the duties of scheduling flights, ground transportation, hotels, and day trips to another person (who would get paid for it), would I be able to focus on what is important?


Who has glanced at their phone while reading this? I did while writing. Our phones and other technology have provided so much to us over the past two decades. We can stay in contact with friends around the world, get instant answers to the always pressing question of “What’s for dinner?”, take pictures to immortalize every moment of our grand lives, and play puzzle games to relieve stress. These tasks have  become somewhat compulsive and always seem urgent.


Let me pause for a second.I need to answer this text message, reply to this tweet and check my blog stats.


This fast paced, self-service way of living can be referred to as “shadow work”. This idea was conceptualized and written about by Craig Lambert in his book Shadow Work: The Unpaid, Unseen Jobs That Fill Your Day in 2015. Lambert suggest that shadow work reduces the amount of casual social interaction in our lives. We can take that a step further to say that it reduces the amount of spiritual interaction in our lives, as well.. Have we replaced spiritual work with the business of shadow work? Are these tasks just filling our days, a trick of the devil to keep us away from our Spirit work?

Tips for Using Your Time for the Important not the Urgent


  1. The next time you reach for your phone, pull that hand back and say a quick prayer of gratitude instead.


  1. Instead of going through the self-checkout, take your cart to the busiest line. Talk with your cashier and give her/him some encouragement.


  1. Forgo carline and walk into your child’s school for pickup. Tell your child that this will give you extra time to read a bible story when you get home.


  1. Choose the flight with the layover and spend that time reading your bible or journaling.


  1. Skip the ATM and ask the bank teller if she has a church home.


  1. When you do pick up your phone, text a person you know needs prayers and encouragement instead of playing CandyCrush.


The bottom line is: It is time to move from the shadows to the Spirit.



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