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Charleston food is amazing. My taste buds have yet to find the same satisfaction they found in Charleston since the hubs and I moved to Texas. Don’t get me wrong. There is great food around here! But Charleston has a very unique culinary culture. And since my taste buds are missing it so much, it’s time to write a post about it. Haha! Please note that all of these opinions are my own! I am not getting paid or compensation of any kind for this post. This is just me coping with being away from the best food in the world. (These are listed in no particular order. Just go to them all.)

  1. Husk was a restaurant that I read about before I ever transferred to Charleston for college. I actually never got around to eating there until the day we moved away. The car was packed and we chose to grab lunch before we started our drive towards Texas at a restaurant that we knew we couldn’t move away from Texas without trying. I am so glad we did! So their menu changes so often. They have an amazing chef who cares deeply about local and regional ingredients. You can find out where every ingredient comes from that’s on your plate! And the service was wonderful! I had the shrimp and grits because I wanted to pick the most Charlestonian meal I could to say goodbye. (I might really have too emotional of a relationship with Charleston food.) Needless to say it was amazing! And we had a lovely appetizer of a pimento cheese bruschetta! To die for! Next time I am back in Charleston; Husk will be my first stop!

  2. Hominy Grill. Another amazing low country cuisine find! They are known for their fried chicken biscuit and gravy! So yummy! My personal favorite on their regular menu was their livers. Seriously. Give them a try. You won’t be sorry! They also have great specials! Their wait staff is also really amazing and informed! I’ve eaten literally everything on their menu and there isn’t one item that I wouldn’t eat again. It’s all so good!

  3. Early Bird. I’m not gonna lie, the only thing I’ve eaten here is the chicken and waffles. But it’s a pecan crusted chicken and waffles and it’s to die for! So why would I try something else!? I’ve heard great things about the rest of their menu too! But if you only get to eat there once. Chicken and waffles is the way to go! Plus, it has a fun diner vibe! I love it!

  4. Boxcar Bettys! This is a somewhat newer establishment. It’s seriously in a little boxcar! Their specialty is their chicken sandwich. So yummy! They have a few variations and I’ve tried them but the original boxcar is the best in my opinion. And you HAVE to get the fried pickles. They are the best fried pickles in the world! I have yet to have another fried pickle anywhere else that has lived up to their fried pickles. They taste fresh. But their fried. It’s almost an oxymoron, I know. But trust me. You need them in your life.

  5. Pages Okra Grill. The hubs and I only found this place just a few months before we moved away. And boy are we kicking ourselves for that! Everything there is in unhealthily large portions. Their shrimp and grits is served over fried grits. They have collards that taste perfect. Their country fried stake is massive and fried just right! Everything about this place is awesome! They have an array of beautiful desserts but we always ate too much of our dinner to try them. If you’re able to make it to dessert, there comment and let me know what you had!

  6. Poe’s Tavern. Super random cool little bar/burger place! AMAZING burgers. If they have a burger on their specials board, get it. That’s the burger you want to have. Just trust me on this. Get it. You’ll thank me later. I’ll be waiting.

  7. Bowens Island Restaurant. Look. You are going to think that you are driving into the middle of nowhere. If you go at night, it’s pretty much terrifying. This place is on the end of Bowens Island. Their staff is so friendly. And their low country boil and their oysters are to die for! (Of course stick to oysters in oyster season. Any month that has an “R” in it.) Also they have a beautiful party room for weddings and events. It looks like a run down boat shack but the view right on the water and the rustic/coastal feel is amazing. I worked a couple weddings and rehearsal dinners there! Stunning! (Shameless plug for my previous boss and her amazing wedding planning company! Mingle Weddings is your contact for a beautiful Charleston wedding!)

  8. Bohemian Bull. This place is a super cool small business. They host little party nights once in a while where local vendors are able to come out and sell their wares. Their food is amazing. I’ve been for brunch and their regular menu and have never had a bad meal! Their laid back vibe with pillows on the benches always made me never want to leave! And the service was always amazing and attentive! Love it!

  9. Mex 1 Coastal Cantina! This was another close to moving find! Really unique menu! The hubs and I had various tacos. Super cool! They also have a wide variety of house infused tequilas! They also sell popsicles from The King of Pop and that’s just cool cause they’re super yummy popsicles!

  10. Last but not least! Kaminsky’s! This isn’t like super local. They have a few locations. So it’s not like the one and only. But it is the best place to get deserts in Charleston. The specialize in alcohol, desserts, and coffee. Their desserts are to die for and their coffee is great! I have seriously called them when I have been 45 minutes away to see if they have the dessert I want so I could drive that far for cheesecake. It’s worth it. It’s all good. I never had any of their mixed drinks because I didn’t turn 21 until after we moved away. But I never heard any complaints! And it’s in the heart of downtown. So once you get a great dinner and walk the battery and the market you’ll be ready to end you Charleston day with dessert and a drink! It’s ideal really.

So those are my Charleston must eats. Haha! As you can see by my recommendations I wasn’t vegan back then. And probably couldn’t be if we ever moved back! Charleston food is something special! Do you have a favorite Charleston restaurant? Please share! I know I barely scratched the surface of the culinary world of Charleston in my 2 years there! I need to start making a list of new places to try next time I visit!

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