Five Esscential Jewlrey Pieces: Collectively Caitlin

As you know I am so in love with the Chloe and Isabel Jewelry that I sell. I love the quality of the items I love the unique designs and I love their lifetime replacement guarantee! I also love that the company is all about empowering women like me to run their own business and helping women find their style. It's great! But I also understand that we can't just buy every single piece we like. (If you are able to just buy anything on a whim feel free to skip this post and click the shop button on the menu above! hehe!) But for those of us who can't just drop hundreds on jewelry in a day it can be hard to decide what items to buy. I mean I sell this jewelry and still don't even own ever piece I love! So today I am going to share with you my five must have pieces and what I wear them with. Maybe this can help you out when it's time for you to narrow down your shopping cart too! 


Five Esscential Jewlrey Pieces: Collectively Caitlin

This is the Pearl + Crystal Drops Long Necklace (N012) $68

This is the most expensive item I am gonna share today. But it is worth every penny. This necklace I wear all the time. It's a fun statement necklace that the simple white bronze colors mean it'll pair well with any color. I generally wear this with solid color tops and dresses. It adds a pop to the outfit. I have worn it with a black blouse, blazer, and jeans. I have worn it with a purple sweater. I have worn it with a burgundy dress. I have worn this with basically half of my closet. Instead of buying a ton of statement necklaces with various colors this one goes with just about anything. Plus since it's a big longer I don't have to worry about it clashing with necklines. I've rocked it with both V-necks and scoop necks. It's a winning necklace. Does the work an army of statement necklaces could do. Totally worth the investment! (Style note: wear with stud earrings or small earrings.)

Five Esscential Jewlrey Pieces: Collectively Caitlin

Organic Link Toggle Bracelet (B001S) $42

I wear this just about any time I wear the necklace above. The colors and fun and funky feeling works with both. But I can also pull this off with patterned tops/dresses where I can't with the necklace. It's solid color makes it very versatile and the big loops makes it feel like I am wearing bangles or something of the sort. I like the way it feels and I like how versatile it is! Heck I even wear it with simple jeans and a t-shirt sometimes. Just to have something to make it feel a bit prettier. I have also worn it with nice dresses on date night! It's a great go to no matter the occasion!

Five Esscential Jewlrey Pieces: Collectively Caitlin

Paillette Single Drop Earrings (E010G) $24

These are my favorite Chloe and Isabel earrings. They are so simple but they still have some body to them. Something better than just tiny studs. But not overwhelming. I love them! I wear these anytime I am going to be wearing any brown boots or navy tops. (I have a lot of navy tops.) I like how simple they are and once again, versatility! And with that low price you just can't beat them!

Five Esscential Jewlrey Pieces: Collectively Caitlin

Sunset on the Seine Statement Pendant (N211BL) $52

This is another great versatile necklace! So I love the big statement necklaces but I'm a tiny person so they often look silly on me. This is just the right size. Plus it's small enough that I can wear it with patterned tops and it doesn't look too busy. It also looks great with the earrings above. It adds something to the outfit but also can go with so many outfits! It's on a gold chain and the pendant has yellows, greens, and blues. It's easily worn with any of those colors but also looks greats with browns, creams, and purple. 

Five Esscential Jewlrey Pieces: Collectively Caitlin

Sunset on the Seine Leather Bracelet (B169BL) $48

I love our wrap bracelets. I have this one that matches the necklace above. But any of our wrap bracelets are a must have. They are great for any cute and casual outfit. I wear it whenever I wear the necklace above but even if you pick a different wrap bracelet they are so versatile with so many outfits. I highly recommend finding a wrap bracelet in a color that goes with your wardrobe. And if you're not sure what colors go with your wardrobe think about what color shoes you wear a lot of. You can't go wrong with a wrap bracelet that ties into your shoe color. 


When looking for your staple items think about what is something that is going to be able to go with many items in your closet as opposed to just a few. Something you know you'll get a lot of wear out of. Click here to shop now for your essential Chloe and Isabel items! 

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Do you have a must have Chloe and Isabel piece? What are your five must have pieces for your wardrobe? 

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