For those unaware I also write for a blog called Welcome The Uninvited! It's an amazing group of bloggers who are writing to make sure that no one feels excluded from the family of God! Very cool! I wanted to share this post with you guys that I recently wrote for them. Please check out their blog  here and see what all of their amazing writers have been sharing! 

When Bad Things Happen To Good People: Collectively Caitlin

I have to say, I am writing this post from a place of heartbreak. Some of us here at Welcome the Uninvited have lost a dear friend and a respected young man of God this weekend. He was only 22 and passionate about God and serving the future generations. I personally interned alongside him and looked up to him so much. Needless to say, all of us who knew him are in mourning. So please bear with me as this post may seem a bit spazzy. It’s difficult to think clearly in times like this. Maybe in a little while when things have settled down I will write a more theology based response. But for now, here is my heart for those in my same situation.


Situations like these always bring up the question of “why do bad things happen to good people.” And that’s never a simple question to answer. Just about every time someone has come to me with this question it’s because they have had something bad happen to them or a loved one. It’s always from a place of hurt and confusion and frustration. Trust me. I completely understand. And I understand that if you’ve even read this far into the post, then you probably know that feeling I am talking about.


This really isn’t a simple question to answer. But I am going to share my belief and my heart with you. I want to start by saying that our lives are not our own. Which is so hard to grasp. But becomes so obvious when things like this happen. I truly believe that this friend of ours lived out who God called him to be better than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s difficult to understand that his life would be over. But God’s so much bigger and greater than anything I can understand or imagine. I know the loss of a loved one hurts many, but I know with the life this man let that his death will being people closer to God. Even knowing that it really doesn’t seem fair. But I know great things will come of this. No. We will never get our friend back. But people’s lives have been changed because of him and will continue to as well. God has a plan for our lives.


Here’s the thing. Even if you could be the most perfect person in the world and something bad could still happen. We live in a fallen, broken world. Hardships come to both the good and bad. But I still believe that God can bring good out of the bad. Even in the story of Job in the Bible who had everything taken from him. He lost his family. He lost it all. But God restored him to so much more. I am sure the brokenness and scars of the horrific happenings were still in his life. But God brought so much more out of it.


So to conclude, I guess I can’t answer why exactly bad things happen other than the fact that we live in a fallen broken world. But I do know that God can bring healing. God can bring so much out of the bad. If you’re also feeling hurt by life events that seem unfair, I am praying for you! I know it’s rough! But we at Welcome the Uninvited are here for you!