I recently polled my blogging community to share some lies they tell their husbands. I don't mean anything serious. Just little things like, "I'll only be a couple minutes in Target" or "I don't want any. I'll just have a bite of yours!" And these ladies brought it with some hilarious stuff! So take a look! And check out their blogs while you're at it!

Lies We All Tell Our Husbands: Collectively Caitlin www.collectivelycaitlin.com


I don't care where we eat tonight. You can choose. - Seeing Sunshine 

No, I don't want ice cream... just get one for yourself and maybe I'll have a bite. (Eats the whole thing. ) - The Speckled Goat

"I just want to TASTE it." *gobbles it ALL* - Curls and Constitutions

I don't care where we eat tonight. - Life Encouraged 

"I totally forget about dinner, it's just been such a busy day!" (When all I want is Jimmy Johns) - Tabitha Panariso

"Of course, I will eat it for leftovers tomorrow!" When I actually end up packing the leftovers in his lunch. I really do have good intentions but then the leftovers just don't sound good. - Love Peace Beauty

"No, I don't want any...." And then I ALWAYS ask to try a bite of his fries, pizza, bacon, whatever it is! - 34 Magnolia Street

I just want one small bite! - Miscellannieous 



I don't just want this *insert totally unnecessary makeup item here*, I NEED it for survival! - The Creative Beastie

I don't need anything at Target - I am just going to browse. *comes home with a trunk full.* - The Celebrating Momma

Let's not buy each other anything for Valentine's day...  - Emmmmerz

I just want to go to the craft store to look. I don't need anything. (Then we end up spending $45 on craft stuff. It's always on sale though! So my husband likes that part.) - Random Crafty Georgia Girl

"I only need to look at one thing"..... as I'm in the craft store for an hour! - Mattie's Makings

"It's only $5" (price tag is like 6.99.. I do this all the time but really not on purpose) - Life Encouraged 

I just want ONE more lens and then I'm set. - Captured by Kaitlin Rose

"Don't worry, I didn't spend as much as I did last time" most of the time in Target...when I maybe spent like a dollar less. - To Travel & Beyond

Husband sees 3 separate $44 transactions on credit card statement from my craft store loop (Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Michaels) to which I reply....."I officially have everything I need now, so I won't be going back to the craft store for a while" - Sweet Right Here

Let's just run into hobby lobby for like 5 min - 45 min later - According to D

Coming home from a shopping spree "I can return whatever!" - Rachel Bertles

My fiancé and I tell each other we will only buy one book at Barnes and Noble....neither of us are telling the truth.... Also, I'll only buy one thing at Sephora/ I'm going to run in and out of Sephora--no longer.

I'll wear it all the time, it's totally worth it! - Miscellannieous

"I'm just looking" -- walks out of the yarn shop with 3+ new balls of wool. - Hannah Says



I'm going to leave work in like 5 minutes. - Heavens to Betsy

"The baby was nursing all day & I couldn't get anything done today, must be a growth spurt!" Because mama's need a day off too. - Mama Bear Revival Series

We just need to pop into this family party/church event/friend get together...we don't have to stay long. - Heavens to Betsy 

I'm literally walking to my car RIGHT now. - Tabitha Panariso

When he asks what took me so long in the bathroom, did you poop? I say "No! I had to fix my hair." - According to D

"I'll be ready in 5 minutes" or "I'm leaving the house now" (as I'm putting make-up on and not dressed) - Rachel Bertles

I'm almost finished getting dressed - Brideology 101

I just need a little help on this project honey... It'll just take a couple minutes!! ..... Just in case bring your tool bag. - Happily Ever After

"Our reservation is at 7:15!" -when it's really at 7:30 but I don't wanna be late! - A Mom In Training

"We need to leave in 5 minutes. Hurry". And we don't need to leave for 15. I can't help it. I need him to get ready quickly. - Of The Ash



I'm just going to the animal shelter to LOOK at the puppies. Of course I won't bring one home... - The Peculiar Treasure



Oh I already had those workout clothes they aren't new (even though he for sure knows they're new) - It Starts With Coffee 

I already had that, you must not remember it because it was packed away from last season. - Choosing Human



"Wow, that dart just flew across the room by itself!!" While one of the nerf guns is laying right beside me. -  Becoming Sabra Gilbert

"Just one kiss..." ha. Always turns into 60 million... - The Speckled Goat

I'm just getting a trim - I am not going to cut it all off. - The Celebrating Momma 

I don't know why there's no hot water. I took a short shower. - A Homemade Happily Ever After

Oh yes, I'm listening to each and every detail about your hilarious work story...! - The Adventures of Bug and Boo

I don't care what we do tonight. - Life Encouraged

No, I didn't touch the thermostat..I was wondering why it was so warm - Tabitha Panariso 

Yes, I'm totally paying attention to this wrestling match (or insert husbands favorite sporting event to watch here)...it is so intense/ crazy/ fun to watch!! - The Fullest Life

Of course I love to listen to your favorite music station when we're in the car! - The Narrow Lens



These had me cracking up!

Are there any you would add to the list? What was your favorite one?