Meal planning can be such a chore. Figuring out what to cook and what to shop for is no ones favorite thing. I try to plan to limit my shopping trips and spending but it's still a dreaded task. But if you're anything like me then you're easily motivated by pretty paper. I would rather write out my list if I can have it on pretty paper. Come on. Seriously. So I made these meal planning/shopping lists!

Free Meal Plan Printable: Collectively Caitlin

So here's my thing with meal planning printables. They have all these extra things I don't need. Like some of them have a space for snacks. Gram some chips or something homie cause I'm not making snacks. Stuff like that takes up valuable shopping list space. Or they separate the shopping list by sections of the store. Which is cool! But I feel like it isn't practical for me. There's never enough lines in the produce section and too many lines elsewhere. I needed a more flexible printable that I can make work with my meal plan and shopping list. So I made my own! And I want to share it with you guys today!

Meal Planning Printable: Collectively Caitlin

I am seriously so in love with these! My pictures do not do them justice! I promise! 

Free Meal Plan Printable: Collectively Caitlin

There's enough room on my daily sections that if I am actually so ambitions to cook three meals in one day I have the space to write them out. But if not I don't feel like I am loosing valuable space. There is also plenty of grocery shopping space. The lines are spaced so that I can write big enough that I can just glance at my list while I'm at the store. I also like having the meals on the same page so when I can't remember why I need an ingredient I can glance over at my weekly meal plan. These are also great to hole punch and throw in a binder to keep them together if you'd like. I'm not organized enough for all that. Loose leaf papers everywhere! But it's an option! So there ya have it! Download in your favorite color, or every color, and start your weekly meal plan! Blue Flower Meal Plan Purple Flower Meal Plan Pink Flower Meal Plan

Click on the images or titles to print your own!

Meal Planning Printable: Collectively Caitlin www.collectivelycaitlin.comBlue Flower Meal Plan  Meal Planning Printable: Collectively Caitlin www.collectivelycaitlin.comPink Flower Meal Plan Meal Planning Printable: Collectively Caitlin Purple Flower Meal Plan


Do you have any meal planning or shopping must haves? What makes the chore easier for you? Do you use a meal planning list like this? What do you think of this one?

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