Like most people these days, most of my life is in my phone. Of course I have all the normal apps. My Instagram and Pandora and Pinterest and such. Those are no-brainers in my mind. But here are my 6 more unique life saving apps. 

My 6 Must Have Apps for iPhone: Collectively Caitlin


Ibotta: Ibotta is an AMAZING app! It allows me to make money off of the shopping I already do. It has cash back rebates for groceries, clothing, even travel sites. And it's so simple to use! I usually do my shopping as normal and when I get home look to see if any of my groceries are items that qualify for rebates. I usually at least have a couple. Then all I have to do is scan the item with my phone, take a picture of the receipt, and bam! Money! Many of the rebates are small such as 25 cents. But some can be up to like $1.50. And they add up! Your rebate money shows up in your app usually within 24 hours. And then you can get it sent directly to your pay pal! Or you can cash it in for gift cards to various stores! Seriously. It's like free money. Which I didn't think existed. But it does if you have the Ibotta app. (FYI the link above is a referral link. But you don't have to use my referral.)

Starbucks: So I feel like most women probably already have this app. But I didn't get it until a couple months ago and now I think it's life changing. It keeps track of your purchases so you can get up to the gold level and get a free drink every  drinks! Seriously! Who doesn't want free Starbucks! And with the frequency I'm at Starbucks this is a money saver every 12 times. This app might not be as beneficial if you aren't a frequent Starbucks visitor. 

MyPill: Every woman should have this app. Even if you aren't on the pill it is amazing for tracking your period and even helping you remember to drink more water everyday. It's called MyPill but has so much more to offer than that! And if you are on the pill it makes a little alarm sound when it's time to take your pill! Super helpful!

Facebook Pages: I don't have the normal Facebook app. Takes up so much space. But I have a Facebook page for Collectively Caitlin (you should like if you haven't already. hehe!) that I need to be able to keep up with on the go. I get messages at random times and like to respond as quickly as possible. Plus it allows me to share content to just that page on the go! It's a pain to do that through Facebook on safari. If you have a Facebook page that you manage regularly, it's worth the space it takes up.

Layout: This is my photo layout guide for Instagram. I don't do collage photos often on my Instagram but when I do I want them looking fierce. And this app is perfect for that and will then load the photo straight to Instagram for you to start editing and picking your filter. 

Shopkick: This one is a lot like the Ibotta app except you don't have to buy anything! You can get points just for walking into certain stores. You can also get points just for scanning items! And those points can turn into gift cards! You can also get points at some stores if you link up your card. But linking my card to an app weird me out. So I haven't done that. This one is a little slower to make money off of than Ibotta for me. But it's still a nice way to get free Target or Starbucks gift cards and a bunch of others. They have other things you can redeem your points for too. But really, I know you all want the gift cards. (FYI the link above is a referral link. But you don't have to use my referral.)



So there you have it! What are your must have apps? Have you used any of these before? 


  • All opinions are my own.