Growing As A Blogger While Staying True To Who You Are: Collectively Caitlin www.collectivelycaitlin.comHello everyone! My name is Natalie and I blog over at A Tiny Traveler. I am a newlywed, a coffee + donut addict, and I love Jesus. I think that the best things in life can at times be the most simple and everyday I try to make the most of those things, like the sunrise or when you smell coffee brewing or even picking up around the house. The little things make life memorable + fun and can give so much inspiration!


Growing Your Blog While Staying You: Collectively Caitlin Guest Post: Takeover Tuesday!

Today I wanted to share my heart and answer one simple, yet at times very complicated question. “How do I grow as a blogger, a social media enthusiast, and a creative all while staying true to who I am and not take advantage of others?


This question has often floated around in my mind, especially on the days when I’m feeling a little unoriginal or I just don’t know what to write about or create. Has anyone else ever felt this way? It’s sort of yucky. So after some thinking and writing and mapping it all out, I’ve come up with little reminders on how to be who you are and not get caught up in the “I need to get more readers and write more posts that everyone else is writing” mentality.


Step One: Take a deep breath. No one can be you better than you! That sounds a little cheesy but it is totally true.


Step Two: Figure out what you’re all about. Do you love to write about movies and music? Are you really into cooking/baking? What about fashion? What can you blog about that goes in line with your passions? Maybe you like to read. Write about your favorite books or your recent reads! Maybe makeup tutorials or hair tutorials interest you. Why not try to make a video/tutorial yourself? Get creative and stick with your passions!


Step Three: Take tips that you may have learned from other social media enthusiasts or bloggers and apply them to your accounts! (Tips for better photos, ways to grow your IG and twitter accounts, social media strategy, etc.)


Step Four: As your blog or social media accounts gain momentum, take a few days to assess. What worked and what didn’t? What did you like and what kind of made you feel “bleh?” If there was anything that you didn’t like or that felt like you weren’t being yourself, figure out a way to improve. For me, I started writing paid product reviews on my blog for things I had barely used or didn’t even care for. My pageviews didn’t go up much and I wasn’t making that much either. I got to thinking: is this really what I want to do? Writing reviews for things I barely cared about while my audience suffered as well? Nope! So I stopped doing that. Let me tell you, it feels good. I write things that I want to write, I post at times when my audience is most engaged, and I feel like I’ve been more authentic and creative, as well as learned some new things along the way!


Isn’t that the point in online creativity, anyway; an outlet, an inspiration, a voice, and a way to learn from others? I remember in high school I was terrified to be myself. High school was the pits for me… everyone had designer everything and they all hung out after school doing who knows what, while I went to the library or went home to do homework and hang out with my brother or one of my two friends. I was shy and scared to just be who I was and have fun in life. No more! I love being myself and I’ve learned how important that is as an artist and creative. Being yourself gleans the best results in life and in your creative pursuits, so why not let YOU shine through on your blog and social media accounts? You don’t always have to be like everyone else, and to me, that is beautiful!



Don't you just love Natalie's tips? Have you used any of these? What are your favorites?