I know it's mostly women who read my blog. So ladies, make sure to send this educational post to the special gentleman in your life! I am going to cover a lot of different gift ideas that are not chocolate. (although chocolate goes great with all of these)

Valentine Gift Guide: Collectively Caitlin www.collectivelycaitlin.com

Gifts For Any Lady!

You're gonna need a card for your gift no matter what. And I love these so much! They are so cute and so cheap! Click Here To Shop For Cards in TinyTravelerCreative's Shop!

Valentine Gift Guide

Also jewelry is a great go to! Almost every woman loves jewelry and these adorable cupids arrow pieces are perfect for just about any style. If you're looking for a piece of jewelry that fits your lady's taste a little more specifically then message me and I will send you a few questions to determine her style and then find you some options that fit your budget. And there is no obligation to buy if you have me search for you! Or Click Here To Shop Yourself! :)

Valentine Gift GuideValentine Gift Guide

Now to find the perfect gift for the specific lady in your life! 

For Your Writer: A stylish notebook

Valentine Gift Guide

This adorable notebook is from Anthropologie. It's pretty floral water color design is perfect for Valentine's. But if you give a woman a notebook, write her a sweet letter in the front. Trust me. She will treasure it forever! Write the letter. 

For Your Essential Oil Addict: Diffuser Bracelet

Valentine Gift Guide

Essential Oils are all the rage right now. Whether they are all about their Young Living or they're team Doterra, they are going to love this unique essential oil bracelet! It's still a beautiful piece of Valentine's jewelry but they can use everyday. Also it's made out of lava beads which just sounds super cool. 

For Your Wino: Club W

Valentine Gift Guide

Club W sends you a box with three bottles of wine to your door every month! And as you rate the wines they are able to tailor the wines to your tastes! Plus they also have the most amazing customer service! Plus it has the option to skip a month whenever you need to! I absolutely love Club W! I recommend presenting this gift as some sort of printed off certificate with a new wine glass. Totally adorable!

For Your Fashionista: Perfect Valentine's Dress

Valentine Gift Guide

I picked this dress because it's a cut that looks great on so many body types. Also it has pockets. And in case you aren't aware, us ladies seriously loose our minds when a dress has pockets! Also the dress is kinda flirty but still professional so they will be able to wear it for numerous other occasions. And it's from ModCloth, and everyone loves ModCloth! Remember when that post was going around facebook of the guy who planned a date night for his lady and bought her a new outfit with a letter that said to be ready by 7? Well do that if you buy this dress. Every woman wants a man to plan a special night. Even if it's nothing big. Make a plan. Even a little plan. Make a little plan, give her the dress, don't tell her plans, and then go paint the town red with your wonderfully dressed lady! ;)

Your Coffee Addict: An Adorable Travel Mug

Valentine Gift Guide

Here are a few really cute ones from Anthropologie! Pick one that fits her style or personality and give it with a gift card to her favorite coffee shop! That right there is a winning Valentine's gift for the coffee lover in your life!

For Your Sentimental: Love Book

Valentine Gift Guide

These books are the most adorable thing! They allow you to personalize a little book that tells your lady all the reasons why you love her! And they guide you through it do you don't have to be the super creative and/or sentimental type yourself to be able to make her a love book that will melt her heart! 

For Your Long Term Relationship: DateBox

Valentine Gift Guide

The hubs and I get date box every month and LOVE it! Every month they send you a box with everything you need to have a unique date night! Last month was a scavenger hunt, and before that was a gingerbread house kit, and before that was a cooking lesson that included all the ingredients necessary to put together a wonderful meal and dessert for two! They are all a ton of fun and more outside of the box than just a normal dinner and a movie. Highly recommend!

For When Your Special Lady Is A Mother: A Mom's Day Out!

(I don't have a pic for this one. I'm sorry.)

Talk to your go-to babysitter and schedule a day where mom can go a do whatever she wants! Chances are she'll probably use this freedom to walk around Target. Because hello, Target. Or grocery shop in peace. But you get bonus points if you also go ahead and schedule a mani/pedi for that day or book her an appointment at her favorite salon. Also: this gift does not replace your Valentine's date night. You still need to get a babysitter for that. 

For Your Quote Lover: Wall Art

Valentine Gift Guide

This one in particular is super cute and will remind her of your sweet gesture for as long as it hangs on her wall! Get it printed on some nice sturdy paper and frame it for her. 

For Your Foodie: A Food Journal

Valentine Gift Guide

This food journal is adorable! She'll be able to keep track of all of her favorite recipes and restaurants! Gift this with a gift certificate to her favorite local restaurant!



So there you have it! Here are some non traditional, Valentine's gift ideas for your special lady! Did I miss anything that you think would make a great addition to this list? What are you doing to celebrate Valentine's this year?