I often get asked about my meal planning. I pretty much don't have any go-to's these days. The hubs and I eat completely differently. Which makes meal planning a little complicated. I am a vegan and he loves meat and cheese. But I do want to share what I've got planned for the week with you guys! And how I plan on tweaking these meals to work for both the hubs and I!


Monday: Warm Roasted Winter Salad Bowl from Oh She Glows!

I have made this before! I generally roast brussle sprouts with the potatoes and green beans. I love an excuse to roast brussle sprouts! So yummy! Also to make this meal hubs approved I make extra dressing and marinate some chicken in it and the cook it up in a skillet. He adds it to his bowl! This is seriously so good! Leftovers are great in a pita pocket for an easily packable lunch!

Tuesday: Blueberry Quinua Salad from Minimalist Baker


I am so excited about this one. So save a few pennies I am just using a store bought raspberry vinaigrette. This dressing looks amazing but home girl just ain't got time for that this week. I'll marinate a chicken breast in it and cook it on the stove top for the hubs. I am also subbing walnuts for the hazelnuts just because I couldn't find hazelnuts. 

Wednesday: 1 Hour Vegan Pot Pies from Minimalist Baker


I actually made these before but burned the biscuits. I kinda forgot about them. So I am excited to try these again without the charred toppings. haha! These are seriously so easy and so yummy! I boil a chicken breast, chop it up, and mix it into a couple of the pot pies for the hubs. Easy leftovers too! Cause it's already in an individual cup!

Thursday: One Pot Spaghetti With Vegetables from Vegan Heaven


As I am sure you've already guessed. I'll cook up a chicken breast for the hubs with this one too!

Friday: Spicy Quinua Taco Bowl from One Ingredient Chef


To make this one hubs approved I will cook up some ground beef with taco seasoning and mix it into his. Yum! And finally not chicken! This I think will also make a great pita pocket leftover lunch!

Saturday: Sweet Potatoes Chickpea Buddha Bowl from Minimalist Baker 


And chicken to the rescue! I'm pretty predictable and he also really likes chicken. So it's easy for me to keep extra chicken breast on hand to add to my vegan meals to keep the hubs happy!


Are you going to try any of these? What are your go to meals for your family? How do you meal plan?