How I Knew He Was The One: Collectively Caitlin: www.collectivelycaitlin.comSince today is Valentine's day it seems like an appropriate time to share a little bit about the hubs and I. His name stays off the blog. So I just refer to him as the hubs until I think of a really good blogger husband name. But ever since Ree Drummond started calling her husband Marlboro Man on her blog I really doubt any blogging wife can top that. So it could be a while before the hubs gets a proper blogger husband name. (Also, since I mentioned Ree Drummond I would like to quickly point out that I was cooking her recipes way before she was on food network. In early high school my friends and I would have cooking weekends and make new things from her blog. So basically I am a blog hipster and food network is just following my life. You're welcome everyone who watches the show! hahahaha!)


Anyway. So the hubs and I were chatting the other night and talking about how we knew we wanted to marry each other. Somehow that had never come up. And he thought my reason was the sweetest thing and he couldn't believe he never knew that. I may not have told him because I thought it was borderline creepy. Cause I knew I was going to marry him a LONG time before the thought crossed his mind. 


The fall I turned 15 my little brother was born, my sister (12 at the time) was adopted, and I started high school. Needless to say my teenage years were never "normal." Being the oldest in a large family came with extra responsibilities. And I knew college would only be an option if I got good grades. So I had a lot going on. And I knew I didn't have time for boys. Also I had some emotional issues that was also a bit of a barrier to that. But that's a story for another day. Nonetheless. I knew I didn't have time for boys. My life was too busy as it was. Plus you seriously have no idea all the extracurriculars I was involved in.


So I prayed. I prayed for wisdom and I prayed that I would only ever have true feelings for the man God wanted me to marry. And don't get me wrong. I had some hard core serious and embarrassing crushes. But I knew they were crushes. It wasn't long after meeting the Hubs that I knew he would be the man I would marry. It sounds so silly now because I was only 16 when I met him! But I knew. I had my fears and reservations (back to those emotional issues mentioned before) but I still knew. Those emotional reservations meant that there was a long period there where I wouldn't allow my friends to use "the M word" (marriage). I would try to distance myself from the idea of forever. But as time went on, we moved to the same city, we learned that we're a great team. Like seriously. Pretty sure we could conquer the world if we tried. Those reservations subsided. By the time the hubs proposed I was more than ready and sure! I knew what I had prayed for so long ago and knew that this was my man! God had answered my prayers.


I think it's amazing when God takes over. Honestly. Looking back I don't think I could have handled various failed relationships. I mean I am not anti dating at all! Get out there! Meet some nice people! Have fun! Get to know people! Find someone you click with! Rock on! But for me I don't think I could have done it emotionally. Gods timing was perfect. Younger than I expected. But perfect nonetheless. And I am more thankful for that answered prayer than anything else in my life. 


So yeah. I knew pretty quickly that this was my man. And I still think that. We've been together nearly 5 years and married almost one. So happy Valentine's Day!


How did you know he was "the one." Do you have Valentine's or Galentine's plans today? Have you ever had God answer a prayer in a big way?