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If you know me, you know I love ModCloth. I fell in love with that online store many moons ago! They're known for their great clothing, dresses in particular. But they have an amazing home decor section! And today I get to share a few of my favorite items and a coupon code! Shop today and use the code GETCOMFY to get 20% off your orders of $100 or more and you'll get free shipping as well! That's $100 worth of shopping, for only $80. Plus free shipping. It's amazing! So anyway! I am going to share a few of my favorite home decor pieces from ModCloth with you! Click on the items to go to their page!

homegoods bigger blanket

I seriously love this stripped blanket! SO cute! bigger one

I have a few display plates in my kitchen above my cabinets but I really want something like this for the walls! Too many plates? NEVER!

bigger version

Bird curtains. Need I say more? No. No I need not. 


I am a sucker for an old fashioned picnic! And this basket it was picnic dreams are made of! It even comes with a little wine bottle opener! YESS!


Obviously you need a tree for all of your adorable Chloe and Isabel jewelry. Duh. 

9d2d333400e6df957e38dc6d800ec8baI really like these cute lantern lights! They have a white one as well!


I have tons of printed Instagram photos from Social Print Studio that are square and perfect for this! Social Print Studio prints amazing quality Instagram photos and ships them straight to your door! This frame would be perfect for them!


Again: Birds. I love this! They have so many beautiful bedding options though that it was hard to pick just one! I think I need to redecorate my guest bedroom now!


hehe! I love this saying and this cute little needlepoint frame! 


So there you have it! See, I told you ModCloth was more than just dresses! I need all of the things! Don't forget to use the coupon code GETCOMFY to get that 20% off! What are your favorite Modcloth Decor items?