Minimalist Wardrobe Part 1: Why and How: Collectively Caitlin

I am not exactly the ideal minimalist. At least not enough of a minimalist to really label myself as such. But I do want to fins ways so simplify my life, make intentional choices, and hopefully create less waste in my life. So I have recently become really intrigued by this idea of a minimalist wardrobe. Some people claim that you can have a complete wardrobe with 10 core items. Although that may be too minimalist for me it is super cool! There is someone who suggests a wardrobe of 30 items that I think I could work with! Deme at House for 6 has a great printable to use as a guide! (Click here for the guide) I like the idea of having great pieces that will last and that don't clutter my closet. I also like the idea of no longer buying lots of clothes that are poor quality. And less clothes to move sounds wonderful! Granted the military does take care of our move, but unpacking clothes I'll maybe only wear once is silly. Besides, I tend to wear the same 5 things all the time anyway, so this shouldn't be too hard! Time to dive in. 

Minimalist Wardrobe Part 1: Why and How: Collectively Caitlin

I pulled out every single item from my closet. There were actually three stacks that size. I'm not kidding. I didn't even think it was that bad until everything was in one place. In front of me. Staring at me telling me what a hoarder I was. hehe! Okay I'm not really a hoarder. Just too many clothes. So I started by just throwing out the old stained items that I never wear and that just need to be trashed. Things like my old restaurant uniform that smelled of greasy onions. If it wasn't in good enough shape to sell or donate why the heck was it in my closet? I trashed those things. Then everything else fate was decided with these questions:

  1. Do the color and shape both flatter me?

  2. Is this something I love, not just like?

  3. Is it good quality that will last in my closet for years?

  4. Can it be worn at least 3 different ways?

Some of the items I chose to keep will not last in my closet for years. And some can't be worn three ways. But this is just the beginning. Everything in my closet now flatters me in shape and color and it's something I love! This is a start! I do have a couple really great quality pieces that I think will last for years to come. But a lot of the items are Plato's Closet second hand clothes that were cheap brands to begin with. They are not forever pieces. But I do not have the budget to just go out and buy 20+ quality items to create the ideal minimalist wardrobe today. So this is a great start!

Minimalist Wardrobe Part 1: Why and How: Collectively Caitlin

I have 52 items in my closet now. I got rid of over half of my wardrobe. But these are pieces I love! Like I said before, many of these will not last. So my plan is to slowly replace items until I have a great 30 piece wardrobe. Most of that is tops. So as I buy more tops that can be worn 3 ways I can ditch at least two of the tops in the closet. The guide I told you about before lists specifics of what you should have in your closet. How many pants, tops, dresses, etc. Minimizing my wardrobe has already proved to simplify my life. There's less stress in deciding what to wear! I love that! And all the other clothes are going to the second hand shop on base! As I continue to work on my wardrobe and adding quality pieces and ditching the not so quality pieces I will keep you updated! I think this is going to be a fun adventure and allow me to express my style even better! Plus I have an excuse for buying more accessories, right? To help really make my wardrobe versatile! ;) 


So what do you think of a minimalist wardrobe? Do you think you could live with a 30 or 10 piece wardrobe? Have I lost my mind? If so, send help! hehe!


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