Chloe and Isabel has become a huge part of how I make my income. And I plan on staying with the company for many many years to come! I am in love with the freedom it gives me to run my own jewelry business just the way I want! But today we aren't talking about why I love Chloe and Isabel. We're going to talk about how you can earn hundreds of dollars in free jewelry! Who doesn't want hundreds of dollars worth of high quality, beautiful, and unique jewelry pieces?! On top of numerous other perks you will get $50 in free jewelry for every $200 your guests spend!

Hosting a Chloe and Isabel Party: Collectively Caitlin:

There are three different types of parties I host. Facebook parties, in house parties, and catalog parties! So let me explain them and help you decide what kind of party is best for you!

Facebook Parties: I do Facebook parties more than anything else right now. I set up an event on Facebook and you invite as many friends as you like! It will run for 7 days and there will be a link designed especially for your guests to use to make sure you get all of the hostess perks for their purchases. I will post games daily and all you have to do is help get your friends engaged! One of my hostesses this month tagged her friends in the games to help make sure they noticed and got involved. The more involved the hostess is the higher the sales, generally! Facebook parties are great for hostesses with friends who live too far away to show up for a party. But the downside is a lot of people ignore those Facebook notifications. So you have to really be intentional about getting friends to purchase. If you're interested in hosting a Facebook party, contact me today! 


In House Parties: In house parties are when I shop up to your house with catalogs and jewelry samples for people to try on and purchase. I set up a display of jewelry and when your guests arrive I  teach them about the company and the jewelry and help them find pieces that best work with their style! This is great if most of your friends live in your area. If you're in the San Antonio area and interested in hosting a party like this, contact me today!


Catalog Party: So this is kind of the best of both worlds. The catalog party allows you to have your local friends over even if you're not in the San Antonio area! For this kind of party I will mail you catalogs and a few sample pieces for you to wear and show your guests that you and your guests may or may not choose to buy. You will also be mailed an information sheet about Chloe and Isabel. You and you friends hang out, flip through catalogs, and place your orders through a designated link online! Then if the jewelry sent to you doesn't get purchased then it gets mailed back to me! Super easy, and super fun! If you are interested in hosting one of these just let me know!


Here is an example of hostess perks. Some of the jewelry choices change monthly but the jewelry credits do not!Hosting a Chloe and Isabel Party: Collectively Caitlin:

If you're ever interested in possibly hosting a party please don't hesitate to message me at any point!