Okay everyone! Please welcome Ashley from The Motherhood Journey to Collectively Caitlin today! I am so excited to share her post with you! She is sharing with us her heart for seeing her child grow and become a young man. This woman if full of wisdom and runs an amazing motherhood blog that all my mommy readers must check out! Now let's read what she looks forward to about parenting! I am so excited!


What I Look Forward To Most About Parenting: Takeover Tuesday by Ashley from The Motherhood Journey


Mothering a toddler is not easy but this stage does not last forever and I know I will miss it when it is over. My son won't always need me as much as he does now. Someday soon he will be able to get dressed, make his own sandwich, and read his own books (which will mean less cuddles).


On a hard day like the ones I have been having, I look forward to the day that my toddler (now 20 months) no longer pees his pants several times a day. I also look forward to the day when he doesn't think that dog food tastes better than the food that I cook for him (seriously, what's so appealing about dog food?).


I know motherhood will not be easy (there have been plenty of challenges already) but it is a blessing that I want to experience because of the little boy (Hezekiah) that calls me "mama". Even with all of the challenges parenting has brought, the sweet moments make it worth it. Like when a few mornings ago, he woke up early and started giving me kisses.


As I write this, he is sleeping on my lap. Someday, he will be independent enough to sleep on his own, allowing me to take a nap without him but for now I have a little heater (a very cute, cuddly heater).

What I Look Forward To Most About Parenting: Takeover Tuesday by Ashley from The Motherhood Journey


Just as I couldn't wait to hear him say "mama", my heart longs to hear the words, "I love you". I know Hezekiah and I will have conversations about his day. Through those conversations I will get to know him better, learning his likes/ dislikes.


I am looking forward to being his cheerleader as he pursues his dreams whether it be sports, music, science, writing, or something else entirely. I look forward to being by his side as he continues to explore the world around him.


He already loves playing outside and is so adventurous. I know that he will become more confident and less worried about the dirt on his hands from falling. I love seeing his personality, quirks and the little ways that he resembles his father and I.


I look forward to watching him grow into the sweet and kind boy he already is. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He is the kind of person that everybody loves to be around.


I look forward being there as he learns to read. Books will become more than just pages to turn and pictures to look at. His fascination with books will expand as he is able to delight in the stories contained within those covers that he already loves.


I look forward to watching him make friends and play with other children instead of just playing beside them and watching them.  I want him to experience relationship and love with friends and family.


What I Look Forward To Most About Parenting: Takeover Tuesday by Ashley from The Motherhood Journey


As he gets older, it will be easier for him to spend more time with his dad, giving me a break and them a chance to bond. From the moment we found out we were having a boy, my husband started dreaming about all of the things he would teach our son. It won't be long before they will be able to go on father-son backpacking trips together. I am looking forward to being there when they return and my son tells me all about the trip and how much fun he had running, jumping and sleeping under the stars.


Becoming a mom has given me the opportunity to learn about myself and grow as a person. My heart has grown enough to love somebody more than I ever thought possible. Because of being Hezekiah's mom and wanting to set an example for him, I am more confident in pursuing my dreams and always wanting to do the right thing and protect him.


As he grows older, his responsibility is going to grow-- he will help out around the house and help take care of his siblings and someday he will get his first job.


What is Hezekiah going to be when he grows up? We have so many dreams for his life but they are not as great as the dreams God has for his life. I'm excited to see who and what he becomes as he learns, grows and continues to bring joy to the world around him. I look forward to watching him become the man God created him to be.


There have been so many firsts and they all began with the moment I became a mother. I remember the first time I held him and kissed his chubby cheeks but I know that someday I will have to look up to him because he will be taller than me.


My sweet boy is almost two! He has already changed so much yet I know the biggest changes are yet to come. I look forward to the future, remember the baby days and cherish the present.




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