I recently read a post by a young Christian woman about why she wasn't a feminist. And in all honesty it breaks my heart. I understand where she's coming from! Completely! I do! But there is just so much she is overlooking! So I would like to write a response to each of her seven points. 


Why Christianity Needs Feminism: Collectively Caitlin www.collectivelycaitlin.com


Original Claim: You Become Your Own God. My Response: You are empowered to be the woman God called you to be.

Okay. She has a solid point here. A lot of feminist literature is about defining who you are yourself. So I don't want to completely negate her point. But as Christian women this should excite us! We have so much freedom to pursue who God made us to be! God calls you to be an artist: you go girl! God calls you to work as an accountant: you go girl! God calls you to be a stay at home mama: You Go Girl! You can be whatever God calls you too! 


Original Claim: Sexual Promiscuity is Praised. My Response: Sexuality is Allowed.

I personally decided to wait for marriage. That was my decision that I based on my faith. And I would encourage people who have the same faith as me to also consider that. But I think everyone needs to make that decision on their own. Also: Scripture talks about about how those outside of the faith aren't held to the law that we are. So I think all women should have the freedom to do with their body what they'd like!


Original Claim: Not all lives are valued. My Response: Abortion has already passed legislation. Move on. 

Okay. I am not exactly anti-abortion or exactly pro-choice. But here's the thing. It's off the table. It's been off the table for a while now. The best thing we can do now is make sure the procedures are safe for the women. Also: if it were on the table: our foster systems are busting at the seems these days. There is no way that we could handle the influx of children that would occur. 


Original Claim: Male Leadership Is Despised. My Response: No. It's not. That's not equality. 

This isn't feminism. This is women who think they are better than men. Feminist just want to be equal. They don't despise men in leadership. They just want the same opportunities as them for leadership positions. 


Original Claim: Homemaking isn't valued. My Response: That isn't feminism!

Feminism seeks to support women no matter their life decisions. If a woman wants to stay home with her children and run her home then good for her! She has the right to make that decision. But it isn't just assigned to her as her lot in life simply because she is a woman. She gets to make that decision herself. 


Original Claim: The victim mentality is encouraged. My Response: Once again; not feminism.

Feminism is empowering women. BUT it does bring light to situations that have previously been in the shadows. Good men who never knew how many women in their lives have been sexually abused or raped are suddenly made aware of how serious the matter is. This is a part of how change will come about. 


All in all: Feminism is a gift to Christian women. We can fully be the women God called us to be! And we can continue to empower other women to be who God called them to be! Feminism isn't an anti-God or anti-man campaign. It's about equality! 


If you're interested in learning more about this I highly recommend checking out this book!


Let me know what you think of this! I'm not perfect. These are just my opinions. And I understand that this isn't an easy to conquer topic. But that was just a quick response to the original post I saw. Let me know your thoughts on the topic!