If you follow me on social media (which you should) or keep tabs on this site (which you should) then you know I've kind of been MIA for a couple days. Since I launched this site in January I have been pretty diligent about making sure I have 5-6 posts every week and social media posts regularly. But recently this has started to go from fun and enjoyable to incredibly stressful. As much as I have loved the learning process of growing my website and beginning to make money off of it and growing my jewelry sales I have basically allowed it to take over my life. Tuesday night I was up until 3am in search of the perfect social media management website for my blog. Granted this is research that I needed to do. But that's just crazy. It was time for a break.


So Wednesday I did nothing! I mean I went to my day job as a nanny. Because I have to. lol! But that's not stressful. That's fun! I mean the kids are 2 and 4 so it's lots of running around and singing songs from Frozen and pretending to be monster trucks. lol! I love my job! And I did send out a couple emails and make an obligatory post on a Facebook jewelry event that I needed to I was pretty much checked out. I didn't let myself check my stats, do any research, or make any posts of anything. And Thursday was more of an ease back in. Did it make my stats plummet? Yes. Did my business collapse? No. Collectively Caitlin will go on and will thrive! I believe it!


My little day and a half break was just what I needed! Now I am ready to dive back in! And make sure that I keep this in check. And keep this as something I LOVE working on! So yeah! That's my little post to fill you guys all in! I hope you're all having a wonderful day and I can't wait to continue getting to know each and every one of you!