In case you haven't heard; Instagram is making some changes. People all over the internet are intensifying their stress lines because of these Instagram changes. I am hear to tell you that you can breath and give you the down low!

 Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Changes: Collectively Caitlin


Instagram was bought by Facebook a while ago. (Maybe with all the money that everyone was copy and pasting statuses about Mark Zuckerberg giving away... #judgingyou.) And like any time that a company is purchased by a new company or person there are going to be some changes. And some growing pains and learning curves. I don't think these Instagram changes will be any different. Some may stick around and some may turn out to be a learning curve. But let's dive in, shall we!?


The Algorithm! Oh the Horror!

Okay in all seriousness it isn't easy for smaller companies and smaller business accounts to warm to this idea. And even for personal accounts! Your bestie might not ever see the adorable photo of your dog because it didn't make their feed for one reason or another. And believe me when I say this: my heart breaks for that. I want to see all of your puppy photos. Like seriously, feel free to send me puppy photos anytime! Your family tired of seeing them? Your friends tired of them? Send them to me. I will gush over them and tell you how adorable your little guy is!


Here's the deal though. If you are liking and commenting on your friends photos and the photos of companies you love, it will show up in your feed. Also searching hashtags doesn't seem to have changed. You will get the kind of content you ask for. Same as with Facebook! You know that friend that you never cared about a single status they made even though they made 20 a day and now suddenly you're realizing you haven't seen those in a while and you're wondering if they died? That friend? They probably aren't dead. (if they are and this is how you found out I am SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry!) Facebook just realized that you weren't commenting or liking or interacting with them so they don't show up in your feed anymore. 


To Turn On Notifications Or To Turn Off Notifications

If you've been on Instagram this week you have seen post after post asking you to turn on your notifications. Now this is a personal decision that you will need to make on a case by case basis. But let me give you the pros and cons for both.


Turn On Pro! You will get a notification every single time that account posts anything. You'll never miss a thing!

Turn On Con. You will get a notification EVERY SINGLE TIME that account posts anything. Do you really want that Instagram ding every time?

Turn Off Pro! You don't get any annoying notifications that will suck you into Instagram when you should be doing productive things!

Turn Off Con. You might miss out on that one day only sale that was posted.


Here's what I've decided. If it's an account that frequently posts sale information or coupon codes AND I love shopping with them; I turn on the notifications. Everyone else can show up on my feed because I like and comment on their stuff. I will still seek new accounts to follow by searching hashtags and such. 


How To Make Sure Stuff You Love Is On Your Feed

Back to the first point. Comment and like the things that you really like! Not only will it help that Instagrammers (is that a word???) pictures be ranked higher for other followers it will make sure that their content is viewed on your feed more often too. Support your favorite Instagrammers! Show them your love! Double tap and heart it all! hehehe!


Handling This For A Business Account

If you have a business account like I do then you know these changes are scary. We have depended on Instagram for so long to get our content out to everyone. But times are changing and we gotta roll with the punches. That being said. Lets look at the bright side! Photos now have a longer life on Instagram! Instead of them getting tons of hit hour one and then being too far down everyone feed to ever get a heart again, they are now lasting longer! I have pics that may not get a single like in the first hour when they used to get 50 in that time but by the end of the week they have more likes than my photos ever would have gotten in the past! So is Instagram a great place to share "Today Only" sales and promos? Not really anymore. Maybe your email subscription may be the better location for you.  But are these Insgaram changes going to kill your business? You bet they won't! As long as you are still post thing the things people followed you for to being with your Instagram photo life and reach should grow! 



And there you have it ladies and gents! That is how the Instagram changes are going down! Please share with your friends before they turn on notifications for every Instagram account out there! hehe!


What do you think of all these changes? Share in the comments! And comment with your Instagram! I would love to follow you!