First Quarter 2016 Goals Check In: Collectively Caitlin


So back in January when I launched this site I made a few goals for this first year! (You can read those goals here!) Those goals were as follows:


  1. Better My Photography Skills

  2. Hit 50,000 page-views by the end of the year

  3. Make $1,000 a month by the end of the year

  4. Finish writing my book!


Since it's April first the first quarter is officially over so I figured it was time for a check in!


1.My Photography skills have greatly improved! I have a hand me down Nikon D3000 that I am still pretty clueless with but I am learning! And my photos are already better than the cell phone pics I was taking in January! So I would say I am well above schedule on this one!


2. Since January I have had 3,182 page views. Which I am feeling pretty good about! I mean I still have 46,818 to go! But hey! I still feel like this is possible! My pageviews are growing every month! So yeah! (If you wanted to help me out with this by sharing my posts that would be cool of you. hehe!)


3. Making $1000 a month is closer than I ever expected! I want to hit this goal by December. Since January I have made a total of $783.89. This is ad income, affiliate income, and jewelry sales. Which spread out over 3 months seems like a long way from my goal. Except that in January I made $0. In February I made $192 and so this month I made $591.89! So that has been some AMAZING strides! What seemed like a crazy goal at the beginning of the year is looking more and more tangible! (Also: you should have a jewelry party with me! It's so fun and you'll get lots of free jewelry! So contact me today to get started!)


4. Okay. This one, I am not gonna lie. I started back in January but now I have been putting so much time into this website and into my jewelry sales they it's been pushed aside. I keep having ideas for it but nothing is written down. It's still my goal though! I am not giving up!



So yep! That is my 3 month check in! All in all I feel like I am doing pretty good! I still have so far to go and so much to learn! But I think this is going to be great! And I have a HUGE announcement coming up that you guys are going to LOVE! My weekly email subscribers will be the first to hear about it though! So click on "Join Our Email List" on the right to make sure you're one of the first to learn about it!