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So I am actually only half way through this study but it is so good I have to share it with you guys! This is a sponsored post. I did receive the study for free in exchange for an honest revive on the book. Every opinion stated is my own! But man it is awesome! 


Bible Study Review: I Didn't Want To Be That Girl by Sue Allen: Collectively Caitlin www.collectivelycaitlin.com


I'm not going to lie. I was a little hesitant to offer a review for a Bible Study from a woman I had never met and of her religious affiliations I know nothing about. But I am so glad I did! This is by far one of the best Bible studies I have done. She is so real and honest and down to earth. The study has challenged me to live my faith and my callings more than any other study. And as someone who grew up in the Church and went to a Christian college I can assure you I have done my fair share of Bible studies! This one is different. 


As you read you feel like Sue is sitting across from you just chatting it up! It's very real and relateble. Even though she and I are in different stages of life, she is a mom, I am a newlywed. I was still able to gain so much! This isn't just for married women either! I feel like this book is really written well to women in any stage/walk of life. It's empowering you to be the woman God called you to be no matter what that is! I have seen woman's study after woman's study that says it's written for all women but really it's for married women, or moms, or single women. This study really does speak to all women everywhere. I am beyond impressed. 


Her book is available on Barnes and Noble and on Amazon! She has online Vimeo videos too to accompany the lessons!


In the end! I highly recommend this Bible study! I have been so impressed! It really is worth every penny! Grab some lady friends and go through this together! If you've never lead a women Bible study group this is a great one to start with due to her wonderfully relatable writing! You will feel like Sue is sitting there guiding the conversation! And even if you're an old pro at Bible study groups, it's a great chance to challenge living out your callings! 


Click Here for Sue Allen's website! 


What has been your favorite Bible Study?