My Failings And My Dreams: Collectively Caitlin


For those of you who have subscribed to my weekly email: you learned that I have been spending a little more time in hospitals lately than I would like. Don't worry! I am okay! We thought I was having respiratory issues and basically I was having serious anxiety issues. And so in an attempt to de-stress I spent very little time on my blog over the weekend. Which of course actually stressed me even more. I mean I know I only have about 25 regular readers. But you 25 mean the world to me! And I would hate for you to leave just because I wasn't posting as often! You guys are my favorite! And the house was a mess and I wasn't even kind of organized for my monthly kids night. And I hadn't grocery shopped in like a week and my poor husband was stretching out Easter leftovers for far too long. And I knew I needed to start writing my curriculum stuff and I had a few other projects to tackle and yet I just straight up felt like a failure. Nothing was completed and many things not even started. 


Now let me tell you, I LOVE this blog! I love that it is starting to become a source of income for our family. I love that I have met so many amazing women through this project! I love that people all over actually read what I write! Heck I had a post published on The Mighty recently and I never in a million years would have expected any website to like my posts! (You can click here to see what The Mighty shared) This blog means so much to me! Even though I have felt like a failure with it recently I need to remember the dreams! I have shared goals with you guys but never my dreams!


Eventually the hubs and I want to start to grow our family. (Don't get too excited yet! We have one temporary move and one permanent move that will supposedly both be before the end of this year! So no tiny ones yet!) I am sure that comes to no surprise to anyone who knows me considering I absolutely adore children and teenagers. I mean I work as a nanny for two little ones and I went to school for student ministry. Kids are basically my life. But my dream is to be able to work from home with my kids. And that means some prep time before hand. I want this website and my jewelry boutique to be able to contribute to our family and still allow me to stay at home with my kids! But until then this blog is helping pay off some student debt and once that's settled we can start putting this income towards our future adoption. Oh yeah. When we do decide to grow our family, it will be through adoption. I will talk more about that another time. I want this blog to be able to help bring our future littles home. I dream of writing more to young women/teenage girls/ and moms! I want to write things that empower these women to be the women God called them to be no matter what that may look like. I want this to be an online space of fun and rejuvenation of the mind and soul for women everywhere. Although I often end up shying away from spiritual posts I want to get back into writing them! I need to! For myself and for you! 


So yep! There have been many days recently where I have not felt cut out for this blogging thing. But thank you to my readers! You aren't just reading a post or making a recipe or finding where I got a certain top or skirt. lol! You are helping my achieve my dreams! You seriously are! Every page click or every purchase through an affiliate link gets me a little bit closer to where I want to be! And I will be forever grateful! Thank you!


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So with all that being said! What are your dreams? What are you working on now to achieve those dreams? What do you want to see on Collectively Caitlin? 




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