March Date Box Review: Collectively Caitlin


Every month I get a box in the mail from Date Box! It's a monthly subscription service that sends you a box with everything you need for a fun date night! We've had some great ones so I thought it was time to share one with you all! This month they sent us everything we needed to do some artwork and to make cake pops! And it's only $35 a month! Totally worth it! And it shakes things up! Something other than grabbing dinner and watching Netflix!


March Date Box Review: Collectively Caitlin


Oh! And they create a special Spotify playlist based on the mood they want to create for you! This was such a fun up-beat playlist to listen to while we baked and painted!


March Date Box Review: Collectively Caitlin


So we had the music playing and started making the cake pop! It was super easy! We stuck the batter in the oven and got to work painting! 


March Date Box Review: Collectively Caitlin March Date Box Review: Collectively Caitlin


The hubs went all geometric with his. Very cool! And mine had an owl. Of course. (Yeah I'm basic and like owls and Starbucks. Deal with it. lol!) So around the time I finished that base coat and he finished his painting out cake was ready to go from cake to cake pop! And so we made the worlds ugliest cake pops. I believe HGTV would say they have character. hehe! This is clearly not our calling and we will not be opening a bakery anytime soon! But it was fun! We punched holes in the top of our date box to hold them up. It worked pretty well if I do say so myself! 


March Date Box Review: Collectively Caitlin www.collectivelycaitlin.comMarch Date Box Review: Collectively Caitlin


Then I finished my owl and the hubs removed his tape and we had art! It was sooooo fun! We had a great time! He didn't think he'd enjoy this but we ended up both having having so much fun! And this is something we never would have thought of on our own! It's perfect!


Picture9March Date Box Review: Collectively Caitlin


I highly recommend Date Box! It is such a great way to shake things up and way cheaper than dinner and a movie! It's been so fun to try new things and do more with each other! If you are wondering if this is a sponsored post: it's not. I was not paid or given a free box or asked to talk about. . . NO. This is just me sharing a company that I think is doing amazing things that should be a party of your relationship or marriage! Go to to sign up for your monthly date night! 


What's your favorite thing to do for date night?