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A letter to My Someday Children,


Anyone who knows your father and I, knows that we are starting to get anxious for the day that we can start the process to bring you home. We are enjoying this time to grow together as a couple but also looking forward to all that is to come! I don’t want to call this a letter to my future children, because you may very well be alive right this minute as I write this! Maybe not. But maybe! Just maybe you aren’t someone to exist in the future but someone who exists right now! I want you to know, that no matter your existence at the moment, your father and I love you and pray for you. We pray you’ll be patient and not give up hope for the day when we can bring you home. For the day you call us mom and dad.


I want to tell you I am so sorry. I am so sorry that there was a brokenness in your life so great that you were not able to stay with your birth family. I understand the loss you will feel somedays. Your father and I are not replacing anyone. But we are who God designed you to be with to help you on those tough days. We are excited to hold your hand through the process of growing up with us.


I know there will come a time when you’ll get older and struggle with the fact that we aren’t your biological parents. You’ll probably even say some mean things to us about how we aren’t your real parents. And that’s okay. It’s okay to be upset that life didn’t deal you a fair hand. And we’ll know that you were always supposed to be a part of our family no matter what you’re saying in that moment. Maybe I’ll even share this letter with you then! Who knows! No matter what, God still placed you in our home for a reason. We’ll still be there.


I pray that until we can meet and be together that you will be safe. And that you’ll know love. I pray that in the case that there have been times where you haven’t felt safe, that one day our home will feel like a safe place for you.


I pray over your sweet heart. I pray that the challenges you’ve faced at a young age will make you stronger and more compassionate and not make you bitter and angry at the world. I pray that you will be able to see the world in a more loving light due to your past.


I also promise not to share your story. You will have a unique story from the days before meeting your father and I that will be special to you. I promise to keep that in the family and let you share with your friends and the world when and if you decide to. I promise to help you learn about and understand your heritage, whatever that might be. I promise to never call you my adopted child. Because your identity is not based on an adoption. It is based on who you are. You are my child. And I pray that you may one day choose to be a child of God’s as well someday. I suppose I could probably share you with Him. ;)


I pray that you will grow up to be a confident man or woman. I pray that you will know true love. I pray that you will pursue your passions diligently, whatever they may be.


I cannot wait to meet you! I cannot wait to learn about who you are, what you like, what you don’t like, your favorite TV show, and your favorite foods. I cannot wait to introduce you to all your aunts and uncles. And they will be a dime a dozen for you! Hehe! They’re all pretty great though! And your grandparents! You have a pretty big family waiting to show you how much they love you!


I know it isn’t always going to be easy for you or your father and I. But please know, we’ve been praying for you and considering your family before we even met. This is your home. Your family. And where you belong. So we will continue to pray. It’s strange feeling to have such love for someone you’ve never met. And that’s exactly how I feel!


I love you and I am praying for you My Someday Children!


Your Someday Mom