Wedding Guest 101: The Wedding Series Part 2: Collectively Caitlin


Wedding season is here! I am actually in Charleston, SC today for two weddings in one weekend! As you know, Betsy and I are working together to create an awesome wedding series for you guys covering topics from planning to even being a wedding guest! So since I am a wedding guest for two weddings this weekend it only seems fitting that we talk about how to be a good wedding guest this week! 


Being a guest at a wedding is lots of fun! Watching two people you love declare their love for each other, dance, drink, and just have fun! But let's be real. There is some wedding guest etiquette that everyone should know. I am sharing everything I learned from working weddings as a wedding planner assistant, from a poll of some other married ladies and gents, and a little from personal experience! Hopefully this helps make your wedding season the best that it can be! 


Here are my 11 tips for being the BEST wedding guest ever! 


Wedding Guest 101: The Wedding Series Part 2: Collectively Caitlin


Tip 1: You've just gotten a wedding invitation in the mail and you are sooo excited! Checking you calendar and filling out the RSVP! Here's the thing. If there is no indication that you can bring a date; that means you can't bring a date. If there is confusion text the bride or groom. But most likely no date. 


Tip 2: If you RSVP, show up. I mean unless there has been some sort of emergency. Other than that. Show up if you've RSVP'd . The couple has paid for your meal and seating and everything. Don't let it go to waste. 


Tip 3: Find out the dress code. If it isn't clear on the invitation then ask. If it does say the dress code and you aren't sure. Google. It. Cause all those different dress code's can be confusing. Don't guess. Google.


Tip 4: Time to shop for the perfect gift for the bride and groom! Stick to the registry. Not sure where they are registered? Ask. Even if you found the most perfect adorable thing in the world: stick with what they ask for. 


Tip 5: Make sure to select purchased on the item you bought on the registry. If you shop online you can purchase right off the registry or most cashiers can mark it as purchased for you. This one is more personal experience than watching things at work. We got 4 waffle makers. 


Tip 6: Unless told otherwise, leave the cameras at home for the ceremony. This is what the photographers are for. And if they miss the perfect shot because you've leaned into the isle with your cell phone that would just be crappy. Don't do that. And even at the reception: stay out of the photographers way. I mean sure that's when you'll be able to take pics with your friends and pics of the food and decorations. But if you see the paid photographer trying to get a shot: Don't get in the way. 


Tip 7: Don't bring your own alcohol. Unless you've been okay-ed. Otherwise no. 


Tip 8: This one should go without saying: but don't get too drunk at wedding. And if you do; DO NOT TRY TO GET ON STAGE. I have seriously seen this too much. I mean enjoy yourself, sure! But let's not get too crazy. 


Tip 9: Don't leave early unless you have to! They have spent months and sometimes years making sure it's a fun party for everyone from beginning to end! Don't miss out on the fun!


Tip 10: Understand that this is the bride and grooms wedding. One married blogger shared that many of her wedding guests were upset that they chose to have a wedding cake for a little girl in their family whose birthday was on their wedding day. Sounds adorable to me! But some people weren't so thrilled. And that's just dumb. It's the bride and grooms wedding. Let them do their thing. Just go with the flow. It's not your wedding. 


Tip 11: Have fun and sign the guest book and eat cake and dance your heart away! Weddings are such a wonderful thing and I am so excited to be able to enjoy a couple this weekend! 


Are there any tips you wish your wedding guests had known? Or any tips you wish you had known before? Please share in the comments! 


I am having such a blast working with Betsy from Happily Ever After Etc. on this wedding series! This is only week 2 of 6! So make sure to check out all the others and follow along! 



Wedding Guest 101: The Wedding Series Part 2: Collectively Caitlin

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