Finding The Best VA For You! Collectively Caitlin

I may no longer be working as a virtual assistant but I am still always eager to share the things I have picked up from both trial and error and from learning form others experiences! So today let's chat about how you can find the perfect assistant for you and your business! 

Today this is going to be targeted towards the business owners and bloggers who need a little extra help! But hey, if you're a virtual assistant you should read too! 

We need to do a quick "why do I need a VA" before we get too deep into this post.

A VA is there to do all the things that you don't have time to do but need to get done. Owning a business can be crazy busy. And sometimes updating your Facebook or keeping track of emails just isn't your top priority even though those things really need to be done in order to help your business continue to grow. But you may not necessarily need to hire someone full time to work with you in person. Especially for business owners who are working out of their home! A virtual assistant is a great way to get the extra stuff done and only pay for the few hours you need each week/month. Now that we know the why, let's take a look at how to find your VA!

1. Figure out what you want your VA to do

Do you need your VA to schedule meetings with clients? Manage your social media? Write blog posts? Design graphics? Etc. Think about all the things that would make running your business easier if someone else took over those things. Make a list of those services that you would want a VA to handle and list them by priority. If your number one need is to have a VA is to manage your blog but it would also be nice if they could handle inquiries then make sure to prioritize accordingly. Not every VA is willing/able to do all services. Your perfect VA needs to be able to handle your "must have's" and hopefully but not always handle your "that would be nice" assignments. 

2. Figure out your budget

VA's are a much cheaper option than hiring an employee. But you may not be able to afford all the hours of their help you want! It's completely understandable! That's where your prioritized list comes in. Make sure you are able to afford your must have's. And maybe later add in the other's as your business and budget grows. And don't be scared by some VA's prices! There are so many VA's that have different price points and some charge by project or by hour! Find a payment system that works for you! And many VA's will work with your payment plan needs! So ask! The worst they can say is no! 

3. Figure out what kind of availability you need from your VA.

Do you need a VA that can respond to all your messages within 5 minutes at any given time? Always on call? Or are you willing to work within office hours? Will you need lots of projects with little notice or are most of the things you need done not on a tight schedule? There are VA's who keep different schedules and have certain policies for the amount  of time they have to respond to messages. Some stick with strict office hours. Some charge more for deadline assignments. You need to know ahead of time what sort of time needs you have for a VA.

4. Find a VA that has worked with your industry before.

This isn't a requirement but so incredibly helpful! It makes everything easier for both you and the VA! Talk to that VA about your business and what you do and about your list! There is nothing we love more than an organized client! Also feel free to go ahead and have your passwords that you know your VA will need already typed out and ready to be sent! But don't worry if you're not so organized. That's why you hired us. 

5. Actually find your VA.

If you are a business owner you are probably in a gazillion Facebook groups for business owners. That's become the thing to do! Which is awesome! Ask a group you love what VA's they use or if there are any VA's in the group taking clients! That will probably be your best bet at finding a great VA! And just start asking them questions! Share your priority list and your time needs from 1, 2, and 3 and chat with them about 4! Ask lots of questions and maybe even schedule a video or phone call to chat some more if you think they might be a fit!

Having a VA can be life changing for your business. It will free you up to do all the things you love that got you into business to begin with! A good virtual assistant is worth the investment. We are nearly as invested in your business as you are! Because the better your business does the better our business does! 

If you're thinking about becoming a VA yourself, take a look at my comprehsnvie course walking you through starting your own business as a VA! Click Here!

Have you thought about hiring a VA? Are you a VA? What do you think of these topics?