Wedding Day Tipping Guide Collectively Caitlin


This wedding series is so much fun! I am so excited to be sharing my wedding day tipping guide with you all this week! 


Tipping can always be such a confusing topic and one that no one really talks about. It's hard to know who to tip and how much to tip. My husband says there should be some sort of national mark that says if someone works off tips. Like a certain color name badge and then you just know that if someone is wearing that color name tag then you need to tip them. While I think that is a glorious idea, until someone actually implements the name badge system, we need a list! Especially when it comes to wedding planning and the gazillion vendors you may be working with!


You may not be using all of these vendors for your wedding. DIY is in and I didn't use all these services myself, but it is still good to have on hand! 


The wedding day tipping guide!



Wedding Day Tipping Guide Collectively Caitlin


If there is a service you are ever unsure about, just ask! Most people will let you know! Also check your contracts! Some have gratuity already included! Then you don't even have to worry! 


And here's a tip for you!

Pre-fill and label envelopes for the people you need to tip! Then either put someone in charge of handing them out on the wedding day or make sure someone will remind you. I wanted to make sure I handed mine out so I could thank each person but we had a super chill wedding so I didn't have a strict schedule or a million people to talk to. Many weddings the bride won't have time. Either way, already having the cash or checks ready to go will make your day that much smoother!


Thanks for joining mine and Betsy's wedding series! Make sure to check out any posts you may have missed and keep an eye out for next Friday's post by Betsy from Happily Ever After Etc!

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Wedding Day Tipping Guide Collectively Caitlin