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Kitchen Appliances that Everyone Needs: Collectively Caitlin


Every kitchen needs a few basic appliances – coffeemaker, microwave, toaster, mixer…but what about beyond those basics?  How do I decide what else I might use?  The first question would be, ‘how much space do I have for storage, and will I really use it enough to make it worthwhile?’  While you’re asking yourself those questions, here are some possible choices to consider:


Slow Cooker – This tool will free up time from cooking, providing you with warm wholesome meals with a minimum of effort.  If you are single, you probably don’t need a six quart cooker, but for a family, that would be a perfect size.  Many slow cookers are now multifunction – they can be used to brown meat, as steamers, and some you can even bake in! (NOTE – if you are affiliatizing this, I am describing the Ninja Cooker) 


Toaster Oven – I really like a toaster oven over a conventional toaster.  I can see the bread and remove it before it gets too dark; but more than that I can use it for a myriad of other chores.  I don’t have to heat the whole kitchen up if I want to make bake something small.  I can make a few slices of garlic bread for dinner, or a bake a couple of potatoes.  These have come a long way in the past ten years, and I’m all for any appliance that multitasks. 


Immersion Blender – There are many of these on the market, and many have more than one function.  They are great for smoothing out sauces and blending drinks on their own, but some have food choppers, whisks, and even mixer attachments, which makes them infinitely more useful.  They are much easier to clean than large blenders or food processors.  This is a great multi-function appliance that doesn’t take up a tom of space, either.


Blender & Food Processor – I’ve put these two together because although I like both appliances, and they do their jobs very well, my complaints about them are the same.  They take up too much room on the counter or cupboard, and they are a pain to clean.  If you make a lot of smoothies, margaritas, or milkshakes, a blender is a good investment. Food processors are great for chopping, shredding, or slicing large quantities of food in a jiffy.  They are good for chopping nuts for baking, or making a smooth paste for hummus.  If you hesitate to use an appliance because the cleanup is more trouble than the job it’s supposed to make easier, you won’t use it.  Pass and buy something you will use.


Indoor Grill – This is another tool that is really handy.  Almost everyone owns a George Forman grill, and there are some in this class that are multi-functioning; panini press, flat griddle, etc.  Try to find one that has more than one purpose, as they can take up a lot of prime kitchen counter real estate. 



Whatever kitchen appliances you choose, make sure that they are ones that you will use.  If they are just taking up space, reconsider your needs, as you might find one appliance that can replace several of your current gadgets. Choose those appliances that can multi-task to save money and room!



What are your favorite kitchen appliances? What ones can you just not live without? Did you agree with this list? Make sure to check out the amazon options I picked for these and leave a comment below! 

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