Lovely Living Designs - Esty Review - Collectively Caitlin  

I absolutely love Etsy printables. So when I find a great shop I HAVE to share it with you guys! I just got this print from Lovely Living Designs and snapped this shot. I need to get it framed and on the wall soon too. Rhiannon from Lovely Living Designs has a beautiful selection of printable images! All reasonably priced and a bunch that say things about coffee and Jesus! Two of my favorite things! Her work is adorable and so beautifully detailed! I can not wait to order a couple more. Our guest bedroom still has empty walls. May be time to start getting some pretty things printed and framed! I feel like this one in particular is such a great print. I picked it because of the importance of this verse. It is way too easy to get bogged down by the negative of life. Whenever we have little ones I want this in their room! A great verse to see everyday!

I know once we move in a few months I'll want even more. hehe! New rooms mean new decorating space! :) 

Click here to shop!

She also runs an adorable blog called Whatsoever is Lovely Living! It's a must read! So many great posts! Click here to read! She does a great job of writing to women in all stages of life. She writes about faith and womanhood and so much more! I highly recommend checking that out! 


So there you have it! Go shop and go read! Where do you want to hang these prints in your house? Which one is your favorite?