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Wedding budgets can be the most stressful part of wedding planning. And it's the part no one likes to chat about! Budgeting a wedding is insane! So let's dive in!


Planning a wedding is so fun but sadly most of us don't have a bottomless budget. 


Before you actually break down a budget you need to figure out how much you have to spend. If your parents are chipping in figure out how much. If you are taking out a loan, figure out how much. And figure out whatever you are paying out of pocket. 


The most important thing to start with is deciding what is a priority to you! If photography is the most important thing to you then you need to make sure that you have the money you need budgeted for that before it gets spread out else where. Or catering. Or your dress. Or whatever is the most important to you to be perfect! Figure out what that will cost and budget that!


Next figure out your next priorities. Make budget room for those.


Lastly fill in the space with your remaining dollars. These are the things that won't hurt as bad if you pinch pennies on. Because they aren't as high on your priority list. 


Also remember what's important. You are getting married to the love of your life! That is so exciting! And so if the dollars aren't panning out to give you the wedding of your dreams I promise it will be okay! Prioritize and remember that it is still only a day! A day about your love for one another! 

Here is a printable budget sheet! Wedding budget color copy and wedding budget black and white


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