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Summer Shoe Trends Collectively Caitlin


Ahhh…summer. That time of year when your thoughts turn to cookouts, baseball, and being on the water.  Since summer is one of those times when we change out basically our whole wardrobe, why are we neglecting our footwear?  These are some of the hottest shoe trends for summer.


Gladiator Sandals

Summer Shoe Trends 2016 Collectively Caitlin

Gladiator sandals are going strong.  In fact, they may even be more popular for 2016.  There are two main styles – the strappy ones and the lace up ones.  Gladiator sandals also come in flats and heels, and both are hot. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either style, and maybe add a pair of each to your wardrobe. 



This is another trend that shows no signs of slowing down. While many of us were scared of wedges when they were becoming popular, we’ve now realized how comfy they really can be. Wedges give you a bit of height and can be paired with dresses, skirts, Capri or ankle pants…the possibilities are practically endless.



Flip Flops

Must Have Summer Shoes

Who doesn’t love a flip flop?  Invest in a ton of these.  They’re really inexpensive, and come in such fun colors and patterns.  Perfect for running errands or heading to the pool. For those times that you need nicer shoes, invest in a fancier pair of flip flops.  Problem solved! Choose a pair that has leather, faux stones, or even metallic finishes.



Must Have Summer Shoe Styles

There’s no signs of fringe going away any time soon. Add a little fringe into your shoe game with sandals or booties. A great pair of shoes with fringe can take you into the western and the Boho trends. I’m partial to the fringed bootie or a fisherman style sandal that has fringe in neutral colors.  Both are cute and so easy to wear.


Peek a Boo Booties

Must Have Summer Shoe Styles Collectively Caitlin

These are the booties or ankle boots that have peep toe cutouts and/or heel cutouts. Peek a boo booties are perfect for summer, as they have the ankle boot look, but feel more like a sandal. Go ahead and invest in a pair or two of these, as this is a shoe trend that’s going to be sticking around.



Must Have Summer Shoe Styles Collectively Caitlin

Who doesn’t love color? Not too long ago, the majority of a woman’s shoe collection consisted of nude, black, and brown.  There might be some navy and nude, and there was that one pair of red pumps. No longer!  We’ve embraced our love of color, and a vivid shoe is a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit. Try a gladiator sandal in cobalt or bright pink for a real wow moment!


If you’re a fashionista, you probably already have at least a couple of these trends in your closet.  Why not add a new trend or two and up your shoe game? Which of these do you love? Which ones are you adding to your closet this summer?