How To Throw A Barbecue On A Budget

How to Throw a Barbecue on a Budget

Barbecues are one of the best parts of the summer if not THE best. The only problem is they can get a little spendy, even more so if you have a lot of guests coming over. So I have for you how to throw a barbecue on a budget, this way you will never have to worry about spending too much for your barbecue ever again and you can just enjoy it.



Refrain from blowing your whole budget on meat. Meat is probably the most expensive thing when it comes to a barbecue and yes it is an important part of the barbecue (unless you are vegetarian or vegan). What I am saying here is, you don't need to buy the most expensive cuts of meat there are cheaper meats you can buy that taste just as good. So instead of that NY strip steak, go for a boneless chicken breast or some legs and thighs. If steak is a must go for the most inexpensive cuts, like flank or skirt steak. If you wanna go even cheaper grill up some hot dogs and burgers, but either way in order to not break your bank you are going to need to go cheap on the meats.


Rubs and Sauces

Yea you could go out and buy some fancy rubs and sauces or you could make your own at home. This way it is cheaper because you most likely have everything you need in your house. Just go online and find some great homemade rubs and sauces that you could try out. It won't hurt and who knows, it may become your favorite and you can just stop buying these extra things for good.



There is no need to go overboard on fuel like most everyone tends to do. You do not need to use a whole 10-pound bag of charcoal, at best you only need 3 pounds which will cook a meal for up to eight people. When it comes to propane you are only going to have to have it on high for about 5 minutes once you've got the food on there. Once the 5 minutes are up, turn it down to low and let the food cook slowly. Once the food is done turn the propane off immediately.


Cheap Sides

This is, after all, a barbecue not a 5-star restaurant. Keep the sides inexpensive just like the meats, this is going to save you a lot of money in the long run and just like the meats, cheaper sides are going to taste just as good. Dethaw some frozen veggies, marinate them in some cheap Italian dressing and throw them on the grill to cook, they taste amazing. You could also get some chips and dip, there are so many cheap sides available and you can get creative with them without any extra costs. Save money and have fun.



Knowing how to throw a barbecue on a budget is pretty nice. You can save yourself a lot of money that you would usually end up spending on useless things for a barbecue and a lot of these tips will save you time too. So you can enjoy yourself at the barbecue just like everyone else. Are there any tips you know of that you would add to this list? Were any of these helpful? Share in the comments!