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Glasses Shop Review Collectively Caitlin


I was so excited when GlassesShop.com reached out to me about doing a sponsored post! I think it was perfect for the summer time! They offer so many great glasses and it was perfect timing because I was in desperate need of a new pair for my trip to North Carolina for my friends wedding! 


So let me tell you about my GlassesShop.com experience! Their website is set up beautifully and you can even turn on your webcam and virtually try on your glasses before you order! I loved that part! I tried on a few pairs and picked the perfect ones for me! They have lot's of prescription sunglasses and a variety of glasses frames to choose from! You are sure to find a pair you love! Take advantage of the virtual try on! It's wonderful!




Once I ordered the glasses were in my mailbox so quickly! They came in a cute little glasses box with a cleaning cloth! I loved getting all of that with my sunglasses! 


Glasses Frames


Once in North Carolina my friend and I explored the historic tobacco area of Durham, NC and found this super fun mural with flowers bees! It was adorable! What better place to grab a few pics with my new shades?! There were so many adorable little restaurants and shops there! Attention all of my NC readers! If you have not been there yet, go explore! So fun! We had a blast catching up and taking pictures! And my sunglasses were just perfect for the occasion! 


prescription sunglasses



Here's the really fun part for all of you! The GlassesShop.com wants to share a little love with all of you! They gave me a coupon code specifically for you Collectively Caitlin readers! Use this code to get 50% off sunglasses or prescription glasses! Click here to shop and use the code below:




Make sure to come back and let me know what you think of your new shades! I know mine are going to be a staple for the rest of my summer!