7 Dazzling DIY Photo Booth Ideas for an Awesome Wedding

Guest post by Zoe Clark



Creating a DIY photo booth for your own wedding can be as memorable as the wedding itself. No matter if you consider yourself artistic or not, adding a personal touch to the whole process is a wonderful and valuable feeling you’ll never forget. There’s a great number of unique photo booth backdrop ideas that are quite simple to put together. You can use fresh flowers or fun fabric, vintage frames or paper cut-outs, whatever you prefer as long as it gets the party started! Still not so sure what kind of photo booth to choose? Here’s a list of top 7 DIY ideas you’ll be able to pick and choose from:


Vintage Frames Photo Booth: Collectively Caitlin

Vintage frames are always a great choice. Make a selection of various shapes and sizes and you can, then, play further with the backdrop. Add a haystack at the back, for instance (you can find hay at an animal feed store), hang a few empty frames and voilà – the background is ready. Strike a pose while holding one of the frames in front of you. Even better, have somebody hold the frame for you so it looks like you’re a part of the vintage picture.


Photo Booths Collectively Caitlin


The second cutting-edge option includes renting a projector and a rear-projection screen. Take some time to sit down and decide on the best thematic props you want to have as a backdrop. You can make some excellent shots of your friends and family and let them choose the backdrop they like best. There’s a wide range of themes you can pick from - from vintage shots of an old town, to sandy beaches, yachts and palm trees.


Photo Booth Collectively Caitlin


Fresh flower wall. This is one of the most popular trends, as with fresh flowers there’s no mistake. You’ll just need an extra hand if you’re planning on making your own photo booth using fresh blooms, as it takes some time, yet you need to be fast. First of all, pick the shades you like and spray the flowers regularly to keep moisturized. Attach the flowers to the wall, starting from the top. Once you finish, you’ll be amazed with how whimsical it looks! A perfect wedding backdrop.


Chalk Board Photo Booth : Collectively Caitlin


Make an entire photo booth a big chalkboard backdrop! You can have your names stylishly written in white or colored chalk. Or, if you are into having fun, let your guests write their wishes and signatures – you’ll have the most unique and memorable photos ever. Or incorporate chalk boards in other ways into your photo booth!


Photo Booth


Another attractive option is to use various sorts of wallpaper that you can cut and arrange on the backdrop wall according to your own taste. You may put a vintage armchair at the front, as long as the colors match well.


Photo Booth Ideas: Collectively Caitlin


Wooden pallets are also a resourceful way to make an excellent background for your wedding’s photo booth. Put the pallets up against the wall and add some fresh bunches of flowers in the corners. An extraordinary, yet simple look is achieved.


Photo Booth Collectively Caitlin


Perhaps the most romantic photo booth background includes a white theater-style curtain framed with twigs, flowers and string lights. With this kind of photo booth you’ll achieve elegance, simplicity and beauty in an instant.



The whole idea of the photo booth is to have fun, relaxed and a bit different photos to treasure, apart from those formal ones.  So, if you’ve decided on the style of your own, that’s great! Go for it and have a wonderful time! Hope you’ll find some of these ideas helpful. 



Author bio:

Zoe Clark is a journalist, freelance stylist and blogger. She is a visual storyteller and aesthetician by heart who often writes about decorating and DIY ideas. She loves sparking creativity in people and giving them ideas for their own projects.