Grow Your Instagram: Step By Step Guide Collectively Caitlin

Instagram is a fast growing popular social media app. This is a gold mine for business owners! So if you are a business owner and you need the 411 on Instagram, this post is for you!

Instagram is constantly changing and I will do my best to keep up with those changes and update this post as much as possible! But in the mean time: here are my 6 Instagram rules.

1) Every image you upload needs to have a location. Every. Single. One. If you run a brick and mortar business or only offer your services in a certain location then make sure you are using that area. For instance: If you work in Raleigh NC then choose Raleigh NC the next time you post an image. The for the next one choose Cary, NC. Then for the next Wake Forest, NC or Durham, etc. I recommend keeping 4-5 locations in rotation so people searching that area see your images. If you are all over the place then make sure to use your physical location and a few others. 

2) Create a good bio! Someone should be able to tell what you do within about 5 seconds of looking at your bio. If your business Instagram has your astrology sign that tells me nothing about what you do. Feel free to keep your personality there! I don't think it needs to be dull! But make sure that people understand what it is you can offer them.

3) Use as many hashtags as possible. Make sure they are actually applicable to what you are posting. Don't be that person that has an image of a shoe when people search the puppy hashtag. But use lots! If you click on a popular hashtag on Instagram it will also show you a few related popular ones. Use that to help you find more hashtags to incorporate! Last I checked Instagram allowed up to 30 hashtags per post.

4) Do not, please do not, post those hashtags in the photo caption. That space is for the caption. Putting your hashtags in the comments section instead will create a much cleaner look for your feed. I recommend using the 6 dot method. Meaning go to your notes, type a period and hit enter, repeat 6+ times, and then type your hashtags. The copy and paste all those dots and hashtags directly into your images content section. I am attaching an image of one from my notes for a photography client that I used for her family shots. Note: the text at the top that says "family photos" was not copied into the comments. It is there just so I can find that group of hashtags in my notes easily when I need them. 

Grow Your Instagram: Step By Step Guide Collectively Caitlin
Grow Your Instagram: Step By Step Guide Collectively Caitlin

5) Do not pay for a spam bot. Real, organic engagement, is easy to spot these days. Don't be that person that pays for a spam bot. It's just lame and makes people not want to follow you. Also buying followers is pretty shady. This tip should be pretty self explanatory. But I keep getting "nice shot" on graphics with a quote. Come on guys. Chill with the spam. 

6) Finally but most importantly: Post Everyday. This one is the hardest. You need to be posting 1-3 times a day. (More than three times and you'll be seen as a spammer and will not get your post in front of as many followers as possible.) If you are a photographer, you have no excuse for not posting because you already create the content that is Instagram! Photos! I have worked with many a photographer, and let me tell you, it is okay to post more than one image from a single session! I see many photographers don't want to! My rule is no more than 9 from one session. And honestly 9 is only okay if it's a family session with lots of different shots of individuals and group shots. For newborn, couple, wedding, etc, photography, no more than 6. Show off that work! If you aren't a photographer, like me, it's harder to post so much! I mean if I posted what I did everyday it would be a picture of my laptop and coffee at the same desk, table, or couch, everyday. Real boring. Real fast. Invest in some good stock photos and use Canva to add a little fun to them or to make new images! For scheduling those posts, I recommend using Later. Great program makes it easy to get the images from your computer onto your Instagram!

BONUS TIP: If you are a professional photographer, do not post selfies. No. Do not. If you are not a professional photographer and you just love a good selfie, then posting on occasionally is just fine! 

If you are looking for some more in depth help take a look at my Instagram courses here! Collectively Caitlin University!

There you have it! I can promise that if you stick with these 6 tips consistently for 2 solid weeks you will see a growth in your Instagram! Make sure to come back and let me know how it went! If you have any questions comment below and I will answer them ASAP! Do you have any favorite social media tips as well? Share below! I can not wait to hear from you all! 


This post is not sponsored or affiliate of any kind. Just me sharing some Instagram information for ya!