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Writer Bio: Miranda Nahmias is an experienced virtual assistant who runs an elite team of U.S.-based VAs in a variety of different specialities. Miranda is passionate about helping female online entrepreneurs like you get relief from administrative, social media, and blogging-related tasks.

Virtual assistance is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, with women at the forefront.

We’re leading our world into a different kind of lifestyle — one that allows for stay-at-home moms to bring in the same amount of income they would otherwise have had to work in an office for, and college grads to not panic while they search for jobs.

Virtual assistants can really help your business, but not if you’re unprepared to hire one. To ensure that the transition goes smoothly, I’ve written out five ways to be an awesome virtual assistant client. Helping your VA enter into your business framework without a hitch can really skyrocket the chances that your partnership will be successful!

5 Ways to be an Awesome Virtual Assistant Client

Be open to suggestion.

Your VA has worked with many different clients, and probably has a good perspective on a lot of the aspects of a successful business. They may have some really great ideas for your business, so keep your ears open.

Have your stuff ready to go.

Sometimes, after you hire a VA, the “what next” stage can be awkward. Make sure you have a few smaller tasks that you want to start off with, and move on from there. Often it’s easier to jump in on something less crucial, like perhaps updating some old blog posts, so that you can get used to working together before assigning them something like your entire social media management system. One of the best ways to be an awesome virtual assistant client is by not giving your VA too much right away.

Adjust your system, if needed.

Sometimes it can be really hard to get used to another person’s system. Sure, it makes sense to you, but it’s convoluted to everyone else. Give your VA some time to get used to how you do things. Be patient, and understand that there is sometimes a learning curve for you both.

If the problem tends to lean the other way and you struggle altogether with being disorganized, I recommend this free email course, Get Started Organizing Your Biz, before hiring your virtual assistant. This will ensure that you are all ready to go and organized before you expand your team, and your new VA will be a lot less confused!

Don’t be shy about hopping on Skype.

Sometimes, tasks you’ve assigned to your VA might be easier understood via screenshare or by explaining it to them on the phone. If you are having trouble making yourself clear over an email, schedule a call and go over it together in detail!

Train Your VA.

It might seem counter-intuitive at first, but usually you need to spend some time training your VA on how to work together effectively. Get them used to your system, set them up with weekly tasks, and integrate them with your other team members. This can be time-consuming, making you feel like you should’ve just done it all yourself, but ultimately, you will save a TON of time by educating your VA. After they know what they’re doing, they can do that same task for you from here on out!

Here are some extra ways you can keep your VA from pulling out her hair:

  • Screenshot exactly how you like your blog posts formatted (or whatever the task is)… then go into detail as to why you like them that way.
  • Set her up in a client/employee task management system (like Asana) that allows you to assign her tasks with deadlines and details.
  • Set up recurring tasks in Asana (or something similar) so that she doesn’t forget to do a weekly task. While some VAs are magical and remember everything all the time, odds are she’s juggling more than just you, so the gentle reminder of a deadline and a task she can check off is welcomed.
  • Respect her office hours. She won’t always be available, and that is okay. She has a life, just like you have a life, and so she will probably not answer your emails at certain times. Being an awesome virtual assistant client means that you aren’t constantly hounding her at all times of the night to get things done.
  • Set reasonable time limits. If you’re scheduling her to have a blog post of 1200 words done by the next day, you might have some resistance. A few days, minimum, is best for large articles. Try to set aside enough time for her to reasonably accomplish these tasks.

Overall, it isn’t hard to be an awesome virtual assistant client, but it does take some understanding of what exactly that means. I hope these tips helped you out, and again, if you struggle to get organized, don’t forget to take the Get Started Organizing Your Biz course! It’ll help you set the foundation for a really easy transition from solopreneur to employer.

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How To Be An Awesome Virtual Assistant Client - Tuesday's Together
How To Be An Awesome Virtual Assistant Client - Tuesday's Together
How To Be An Awesome Virtual Assistant Client - Tuesday's Together
How To Be An Awesome Virtual Assistant Client - Tuesday's Together