March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum - Collectively Caitlin

Marching to the beat of your own isn't always as easy as it sounds. But it is soooooo important. If you're a business owner then at some point or another you have felt like you need to do something that all the other business owners you know are doing. And that's not always bad. Sometimes everyone is doing it because it really is good to do! Things like learning about SEO or learning how to maximize reach on facebook! Those are good things that everyone's doing that we should follow. But you can't base your business of of someone else. Ya just can't. Authenticity is so important in online businesses. There are so many small business out there these days. It's hard to stand out sometimes. But honestly just do your thing. Do what you're good at. 

They say do what you love, and the money will follow. Now I don't think that's entirely true. Because I've been drinking coffee and eating donuts for a long time now and never gotten a check for it. BUT! There are things that I can do, and love, that I can use to make money. I am so passionate about helping business women become goal oriented productivity queens! But I don't consider myself a business coach. When I first launched my program to help women get focused and to hold them accountable I honestly thought I had lost my mind. I couldn't find any company out there that offered the same kind of hands on service. (If you know of one please comment below because I would love to chat!) It was terrifying to have nothing to really compare my services to. Was there a reason no one was doing this? Was this a terrible idea? Apparently not because it quickly caught on and I now have a wait list implemented. But doing something new and different is scary and hard sometimes. I get it. But it is so important! 

I truly believe there is no such thing as one size fits all in business. There a million "Make 5k a month" programs out there and other one size fits all plans. Although there are many tried and true methods for a variety of business aspects, there are still many things that are not one size fits all in business. Each business has it's own unique goals and needs. So ya know what, if you have some crazy idea that doesn't fit the norm, GO FOR IT! Girl, I believe in you and I have your back! What's stopping you from going after your dreams today? Time to get started!