Facebook Page Strategies

So I am often asked about the best way to grow a Facebook business page. And depending on  your industry and ideal client the things you should do can vary greatly! And since I am not sitting with you going over your specific audience needs, today we are just going to cover some general, basic things to help grow your Facebook.

So let's say you just created your Facebook business page! It's in the early stages so maybe it's only yourself and your mom who have liked it. What do you do now? 

Make It Look Good

Make sure you have a nice banner and profile pic. As a general rule of thumb, no selfies for your business page profile pic. Save those for your personal page. Get a nice banner! If you can't hire a designer you can throw something together on Canva to give it a more professional look. 

Invite Friends & Family

Invite your friends and family to like your page! They may not be your ideal clients, but your ideal clients are more likely to like your page if it looks like other people like it too!

Share From Your Facebook Page

A lot of times you want to share the same content that you put on your business page with your personal page! Makes total sense! But instead of posting twice, just share the post from your business page, onto your personal page. That will help grow your Facebook page reach and also entice friends and family to go like that page if they haven't already.

Run a Sharing Giveaway

This has been the most successful in my opinion. Post a giveaway (maybe a service or product of yours) and ask people to share the post for entries. This gets your post in front of way more people. Make sure you have them come back and comment after sharing. Otherwise you won't have a way to keep track of the names. Also make sure to run this giveaway for at least a few days. That time allows more people to see, share, enter to win, and most importantly, more time for more people to see your page!

Post Consistently

Keep your page active by posting once a day. People are more likely to engage in your posts if they are seeing your posts more often. A minimum of one post a day is a good idea! Keep that content flowing! Also consider asking questions in some of your posts to encourage people to comment with their responses.

These are my best tips for getting your page off the ground. After that, the page will grow more organically over time. I also recommend that if you are in Facebook groups that have social media threads, to take advantage of those! If they have a place to share your page and follow others, do it! You can also run Facebook ads and boost posts. But this post is really for the beginning stages of the Facebook page. So knock those out first and you will have yourself a solid page foundation to grow on! Good luck!