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Holiday shopping can be a challenge for a lot of people on your shopping list. I know there are quite a few on my list that I still haven't figured out what to get them! What about the creative business owner on your list? The friend or family owner that runs an Etsy shop, photography business, virtual assistant business, blogger, or direct sales? Sometimes they are the hardest to shop for! So I compliled a list of ideas that are sure to please the creative entrepernuer on your list! Take a look!

Cute Office Supplies

I have yet to meet a creative entrepreneur who didn't love cute office supplies! And if you find some in their brand colors, I promise they will be impressed! 

For the Mompreneurs

Babysitting/nanny time! This is possibly the best gift of all! Set up some work time, child free, for your mama! She and her business will be thankful!

Business Related Tools

Has your entrepreneur loved one mentioned needing virtual assistant help, or a subscription to a membership site, or maybe even just a particular business tool they need like website hosting! Make sure to check before getting these though. They may prefer to get them themselves so that they can make them a business expenses. 

Share their business or purchase their products or services

Every marketing book out there will tell you that word of mouth is still the best tool above everything else! Even in our technological time. If your loved ones products or services wouldn't personally benefit you, you probably have a friend or two on your Facebook friends list that would love them! So share their stuff! Talk it up! And it you can, purchase! This is possibly the best gift you can give them! They have worked hard to build this business and a supportive friend or family member means more than anything to them!

Business Coaching

And of course, I have to include a shameless plug, one-on-one coaching packages with me! The best of the best of business gifts for the creative entrepreneur! ;)  

If you are looking for gifts that give back, you can see what my friend, Lauren has on her list here!

I hope this list helped inspire your holiday shopping!