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Hey y’all, so I’m a fashion, beauty and travel blogger over at Styled by Becca. I began blogging and styling last year in November. When I first began my blog, it was originally named, xoxorebeccaf. However as time progressed, I knew I wanted to focus more on the styling aspect so changes need to be made. So, with a change of my logo and a new name, Styled by Becca was born. 

 I’ve always had a love for fashion, looking fashionable, and helping others do the same, so I knew I needed to have a career where I could do just that. Recently, I’ve been styling photoshoots with different boutiques and designers and I’ve found that these are literally so much fun to put together. Other than photoshoot styling, I offer a variety of styling services to accommodate everyone’s fashion needs. 

:Services such as

-Photoshoot Styling: for the fashionista who needs styling help with family photos, holiday photos, senior events, wedding party outfits,  engagement, prom, homecoming, etc.

-Closet Organization: for the fashionista who needs organizing and bring life back to your chaotic or to simply get rid of last season’s clothing to make room for items actually worn.

-Personal Shopping: for the fashionista who needs help shopping for a new wardrobe or special events such as prom, homecoming, wedding, or birthday.

-Virtual Styling: for the fashionista who isn’t located in Georgia. Hand picked outfits will be delivered via email with your set style, size, and budget in mind. 

Throughout my 21 years of life, I’ve had my successes and I’ve surely had some failures. Three major things I’ve learned are: 

  1. Take risks. Seriously though. I know that putting yourself out there especially with a new business can be scary and you’re probably scared of being rejected, but you’ll never know until you try and if you fail, keep trying until you get it right. 
  2. Do what you’re passionate about and what makes you happy. This is a major key. If you’re not happy or 110% passionate about your career choice, then chances are it isn’t the right move for you. Ever heard the old saying, “Do what makes you happy and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well whoever said that needs a huge pat on the back because they couldn’t have been more spot on. Ever since I began blogging and styling, I have been 10x happier than ever before. 
  3. Hard work really does pay off. Okay, so this goes for any career but especially for all the small business owners out there. Those millionaires you wish you could swap lives with..yeah they didn’t get that way by just sitting around hoping they’d be successful. They had to work their butts off. So give it time, take risks, and stay happy because you’ll get where you want to be soon.
Advice From A Personal Stylist - Tuesday's Together - Guest Post - Collectively Caitlin Business Productivity Coach
Advice From A Personal Stylist - Tuesday's Together - Guest Post - Collectively Caitlin Business Productivity Coach

Author Bio: 

Hey y’all! My name is Rebecca and I am a current junior at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising and minoring in Business. I’m utterly obsessed with all things Disney, fashion, and travel. Last year I began my fashion, beauty, and travel blog: Styled by Becca where I also began offering my styling services. In my free time (which isn’t much), I love love love to style fun photoshoots with boutiques and designers, watch Netflix, and relax in my bed wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. Between all my activities for the day, you can find me marking off and adding things to my trusty to-do list because those literally keep me sane. I’m usually wearing a comfy sweater, leggings, and my high-top converses. 

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