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I feel like a lot of people see the value in business coaches. If nothing else it is at least another set of eyes to take a look at your business and give some insight that we can't see when we are up close to our business day to day. They can share an outside perspective that we can't always see in our own businesses! But today we are going to talk about how to make the most of it as a client! 

This post is coming from both the coach and client perspective. While I do coach people every day I also have coaches that help me make sure my business is on track! No matter what you do it's always good to have other eyes on your business and people to help guide you through your growth. None of us can do this on our own. 

Pick Your Coach Wisely!

There are so many coaches out there. I totally get it! And sometimes they all sound the same. But they are all different personalities with different goals. For instance, mine is boosting productivity. I help business owners implement habits and systems so they are working less and reaching more. We make plans for social media, SEO, marketing, and more! Also implementing organizational habits like list making and assigning certain tasks to a particular day of the week. And then I stay engaged with weekly follow ups to encourage making the habits lasting. People are far more likely to complete their homework if someone is checking in on them to make sure they do it. But if you really need help with how to write engaging copy on your website, I am not that coach. So you need to evaluate what your business needs are before hiring a coach. Click here to see my list of questions to ask yourself before hiring a business coach!

Do your homework

Most coaches will have something for you to do ahead of time. Maybe a questionnaire or an assignment to do beforehand. Take these seriously. The more information you give them and the more prepared you are the more you will be able to get out of your time with them. It is going to help big time and even save time during the session! If you fully answer the question you are asked beforehand then that's less of the session time your coach has to spend gathering the basic information. 

Leave your pride at home and bring your open mind

It's so easy to feel protective of our businesses. Or to feel like we know what's best because we've been doing it for so long. But in reality, coaches spend all their time looking at businesses. They see what works and what doesn't and their eyes are practically trained to catch things that need to be fixed. Of course a coach should never attack or bash your business. But we also need to understand that analysis is their job. And when they point out something that needs to be changed, they're telling you because they've seen this pitfall before. And what they point out that needs to be changed they are saying because they know. Be open minded when discussing these things. And maybe if what they are saying doesn't align with your goals then discuss your goals in more detail with them and explain your feelings. Sometimes they will still want you to stick with it and then you gotta trust and go for it! Or they may see a different way that you would be happier with. 

Be a sponge

Coaches have a lot of value to share. Take it in! Read their site, their blog, their social media posts! They are likely sharing content that will help you! When you are chatting be ready to take in what they have to say and give it a shot. Absorb it all! 

Make a plan of action

It's so common to leave a coaching meeting all fired up and ready to implement everything, which is great! I love that and sessions should leave you with some of that feeling! But it's so easy to be excited and implement a lot on day one and then after the excitement fizzles out, not much gets done. I think the first thing you should do after a meeting is make a list of everything you need to implement and then spread it out over your calendar and onto your normal weekly to do list. It's a great way of avoiding burning out two days after your meeting. 

What has been the best coaching experience you've had? What would you recommend to make every coaching session that amazing? 


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