From Virtual Assistant to Productivity Coach - Business Coach For Creative Entrepreneurs - Collectively Caitlin

Many of you may have noticed that over the past couple months there has been a shift in my business. I stopped accepting virtual assistant clients a couple months ago and now I am wrapping up my existing VA clients contracts. I have moved solely to coaching. There are quite a few reasons why and I've had lots of questions! So I thought I would take the time to sit down and explain what's been going on over here once and for all!

Collectively Caitlin was doing well as a VA business. I was fully booked almost at all times and I had AMAZING clients! But I was realizing that my ability to help business owners was fairly limited. I was only able to help X amount of business owners at one time. I wasn't a huge fan of that. Also realizing that through facebook groups and stuff, the part of my job I really loved was just helping business owners put strategies and plans in place to get their businesses more cohesive and boost productivity. I LOVED that! So I started offering one consulting package and took a few of those clients. I was loving that so much more than the day to day virtual assistant stuff and knew that eventually I wanted to be doing more of that and less VA.

Well at the beginning of August I started having some unexpected health issues. I won't go into details to scare anyone. But it's lead to many doctors appointments and many days of not feeling well. As I am sure you can imagine, VA's don't have the most flexible of schedules. Because many clients have things they need done on particular days. One may have something they need done every Monday. One has something that needs to be done every Tuesday. Etc etc. So keeping up with this type of work was getting harder and harder. I needed something that I could work around doctors appoints and pace out a little more. 

So I stopped taking virtual assistant clients and really shored up my coaching packages. Granted this was happening much faster than expected. I didn't plan on such a quick transition. But life happens and so far it has been wonderful! It has created a little gap and learning curve as I am learning how to market for productivity coaching as opposed to marketing as a VA. But the learning curve is good and I know I will be back to max capacity before too long! 

I have also have created a few avenues of passive income to help in this transition! So if you haven't checked them out you should! I have a small academy of mini courses you can view here and an ebook sharing all my secrets  ;)  that you can check out here! I'd love for you to take a look!

I have been so blessed by each of my readers as I worked through this transition! You guys have stayed engaged and encouraging through it all! And I am sorry that I am just now sharing the back story of it all. I am so thankful for each of you that are continuing to read my emails and engage on social media! You are what has made it possible for me to still stay in business for myself even with the recent difficulties! Thank you!