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Guest posting is an often forgotten way of getting your business name out there. Especially if you are also a blogger! It's a brand new audience to share your knowledge and expertise with! For free! It's essentially free advertising! It's also a great way to meet other business owners and bloggers in your industry! So there ya have! There is our why!

Now onto the how. 

Find Someone With A Similar Audience

Finding a blogger or business owner with a similar audience is key! Because if their readers wouldn't care about what you sell, then there isn't much of a point. You want their readers to be potential clients or customers. But don't look for someone who does the exact same thing as you. Then it will look like you are trying to steal their audience. Not cool. Just similar. Finding a good fit is key! Just because they accept guest posters doesn't mean that you guys are a good match. 

Share Valuable Content

Come up with some blog post ideas. Get those written out. Make sure it's something that is helpful to their readers! Helpful content will encourage their readers to click on your links and follow you as well! 

Just Ask

A lot of bloggers and business owners accept guest posters! I try to have one every Tuesday! Just reach out and share your idea for a post! Make sure you already have an idea in mind. Many will be accepting! Some don't, and that's okay. Just move onto the next one. (If you are ever interested in guest posting with me and want to write about your business know-how, then just shoot me an email at ) 

Do Not:

Do not use their blog to give a sales pitch to their readers. You want to add value to their site, not be spammy all over your post. Don't send them a post all about how amazing you are. Don't reuse a post you used on your own site or for another guest post. It's horrible for the SEO of both to have identical text. 

Share the post

A guest post should be mutually beneficial! I share the post on your social media platforms and make sure to tag them. Also create a blog post on your own site that contains a short introduction to your guest post and a link to direct them there.  

And there ya go! You are going to gain so much viability by following these steps and you will make some new blogger and business friends! Now go start finding people to write for and get those ideas written out!