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There are a million and one business coaches out there. I am in no way ignorant of the fact that I am in a very saturated market! But I want to talk about why this is such a beautiful market and if you're looking for a coach, I promise there is one out there for you! 

First and foremost, business coaches generally have one thing that they focus on. Mine is productivity. Getting more done by working less. That's my focus area and it kind of covers a lot of different aspects. But another coach may focus on building sales funnels, another focusing on building marketing strategies, another on content creation, another on building your heart into your business, and all of these can be full of so much value! Yes, there are some "fakes" out there. I think the easiest way to spot this is by anyone who makes crazy big promises, and anyone who has never run a business themselves. If someone has never run a business I really don't believe that they can really speak to your business needs and struggles as someone who has. But that is just a personal opinion. 

Honestly, as overwhelming as all of the business coach options are, I think it is AMAZING! I mean anything I want to work on in my business, I can find someone who specializes in teaching that! I have worked with a couple amazing women and learned so much under their teaching! 

Because of how much overwhelm there is around picking the right business coach for your business, I created this free download for you! This free worksheet will help you work through exactly what you need from a coach for you and your business! Then you can take this download and search the online coaching marketplace with confidence! 

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What do you struggle with most in your business right now? Would a coach be beneficial to help you make changes with that? Share in the comments!

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