Making Wise Business Upgrades - Business Coach For Creative Entrepreneurs - Collectively Caitlin Productivity Coach

We always want to level up our businesses! Especially when it's a new year and we have so many ideas floating around for the year ahead! I totally get that! But we also really have to make sure we are making the best decisions for our business and not just the most fun ones! 

First and foremost, what things do you want. Go ahead. Do it. Make your dream list! Get it written down! Because at some point you probably will want to get those done! So make your list and hold onto it! 

Now that you have gotten all those fun things you want to do for your business written down! Let's examine what items on that list (and maybe some that aren't) are actual needs for your business! Start by making a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Like really break that down. What things in your business are you just down right bad at. You may even have a characteristic or two that creates weaknesses in your business. Pick out what those tasks are and put them on the list!

Also include things that you absolutely hate doing! I think we all have things in our businesses that we could totally live without. (taxes and accounting for me! Anyone else?!) Add those to your list! 

Now what is your biggest need right now? What's the thing that you really know you just can't keep doing on your own? Hire out for that first and foremost! Or upgrade that first and foremost! I knew before I started this site that I am not a designer by any stretch of the imagination! So from the start I hired Little Blue Deer to design the site! And she did a better job on this site than I had even imagined! I am SO in love with it!

I also hired out for copy writing as I have a hard time with the sales pages. And I have a business coach I hired! And a virtual assistant! But it's important to remember we can't do all these things at once. You need to make a priority list for your business. For me all of these happened overtime. First the website, then the copy writing, then the virtual assistant and business coach. All businesses are always works in progress. 

I would love to hear about what upgrades have made it to the top of your priority list and why! Share in the comments!