My Word For 2017: Sustainability - Creative Entrepreneur Business Coach - Collectively Caitlin
My Word For 2017: Sustainability - Creative Entrepreneur Business Coach - Collectively Caitlin

Sustainability - I feel like this is an uncommon word to be chosen for ones year. But I feel like this really fits both my business and personal life for 2017. I have actually never chosen a word for my year. As I often feel these things aren't necessarily followed through with. Much like a new years resolution. And in fact, if I had chosen a word last year, the year and my ideas and plans changed so much over the 12 month time that I highly doubt that anything I choose in January would have been applicable by December. BUT, as I set my goals and plans in place for 2017, both personal and business related, I realized there was a common thread, sustainability. Let me explain a little more what that will look like for my business and personal life. 

Sustainability in my business

This year I am going to be really focusing on creating and launching more passive income models. As many of you know I have and ebook here and courses in teachable here, but this year I plan on bringing much more to you guys! I will always still have the option of one on one coaching because that is my FAVORITE thing about what I do! I love chatting with each and every one of you! But having some sustainable streams of income allows me to spend even more time with my one on one clients! So I am working on creating these as we speak! It will also allow me to take a day or two off without loosing out on money! Which, who doesn't love that!?  It will also allow more people to work with me who aren't necessarily ready to take the plunge into one-on-one coaching! That's more amazing women I get to work with!

Also creating a more sustainable client base. As of right now, my number of one on one clients at one time can range from 5-15. That's a lot of fluctuating income. Time to make that a little more regular! 

Sustainability in my personal life

So this one is a little different! My husband and I have decided that we want to drastically reduce the waste in our home in 2017! We don't plan on being those people who fit an entire year worth of trash into a mason jar. But we do want to make some major changes in our daily lives. 

This being said, the environment has never been a number one passion for either of us. Our hearts are truly motivated by doing things that make an impact on peoples lives. (Here are some organizations we support regularly if you are looking for an organization to support! A21 Campaign, Show Hope, Reece's Rainbow, and Compassion International) But those causes aren't necessarily ones that we can impact in our day to day lives. And while we will continue to support these organizations and likely many more like them, changes in our waste lifestyle can make a daily impact on the environment. Last year I made a change by going vegan but this year I will be doing much more!

This is a bit of a "passion project" if you will! I created a Tumblr for those that want to follow along and learn some simple tips and tricks for reducing waste in their lives! Click Here To View Johnson's Go Green Tumblr

I will also be striving to make the more "wasteful" purchases count. For instance, I still need notebooks for work. So I am purchasing from Marie Mae because their products are more sustainable and they teach business courses to women all over the world who otherwise would not be able to afford business training. And while I will be greatly limiting my clothing shopping, there will still be some occasions where I will still need new clothes. In these situations I will purchase either from thrift/second hand stores or from companies like Francis + Benedict where their clothing is helping women in Togo create sustainable income for themselves and their families! 

I think 2017 is going to be an amazing year! What do you think of the word sustainability for 2017? Do you have word for this year? If so, what is it and why?