Facebook Group Etiquette - Business Coach For Creative Entrepreneurs - Collectively Caitlin
Facebook Group Etiquette - Business Coach For Creative Entrepreneurs - Collectively Caitlin

Let's talk about Facebook group etiquette! I don't know about you, but I am a Facebook group junkie! I am in so many of them and I can't seem to cut back because I LOVE them all! Most of these groups have some common rules. And people get frustrated when that happens! I get it! But let's chat about some great practices to assure that it won't happen again! But again, all groups have different rules. My tips may not be perfect for a group you're in. So always make sure to read them before posting!

You want to be giving to groups as much as you are getting. One quick and easy way to see if you are succeeding at this is to use the search option in some of your favorite groups. Type in your name and hit enter. Are you popping up for more comments or posts? If you are posting more than commenting on other people's posts then you aren't giving to the group! Groups are there for the mutual benefit of all! Make sure you're contributing to other peoples conversations and sharing your wisdom and experiences to help other members! 

Imagine if it wasn't on Facebook and was real life. How weird would it be? A room of people standing around and chatting and you just randomly making announcements or asking questions over the speaker to everyone! I mean, that would seem pretty annoying. So don't do it on Facebook either. 

When you do write posts, don't just promote yourself. It's a promo day or something like that when people know to look for those promotions, then it's totally fine! But otherwise, share value, ask questions, engage! That's how you're going to build relationships and make sales! Relational marketing is king right now in our society! Read more about relationship marketing here! Facebook groups are a great way to meet new clients, but also a great place to learn things, and a great place to make new friends!

Share value! You know things that not everyone knows! Share that wisdom! People will be so grateful! And they might see why they need to hire you! Share, share, share! 

It's also a great place to get help! Oh goodness some of the best business help I have gotten has been from Facebook groups! I met my amazing virtual assistant, Alexandrea in a Facebook group! My website copywriter, back end wordpress life saver, the creator of a life saving client management system Dubsado! SO MANY amazing people! Use groups to make those connections! 

Also: a good tip to keep in mind, before you write your post, go comment on at least 5 other posts in the group to keep engagement going! 

Who have you met through Facebook groups? What works for you in Facebook groups?